A small way of using Daolian get 500 yuan every day

if you know movie station or download resource station, ask them what is the most troubling thing? Their answer is likely that resources are hotlinking, cause the server to run slowly. Is the webmaster resource hotlinking the most headaches, hotlinking is impossible to guard against again good, also can people Daolian technology, open to the crack resources so if you want to make a good link, some resource download station, the first thing is to solve the chain, if not solve this problem, then the resource is equal to the created by others.

now we make the movie station, or resource station, the first thought is to link the resources of others, most network download stations, are stolen the resources of others. A station, if there is no anti-theft chain technology well, general server without a week will be stolen and collapse, but can not bring you any traffic. Their hard rented server, the else’s trousseau formed a, then their use of local resources, vicious spiral, so it was not as good as their own to hotlinking Daolian others, so more and more people give up their use of server resources, and steal the resources of others chain.

so what method can these crazy reasonable use of the hotlinking flow? You can take the following methods:

1 monthly lease server, this look is relatively low cost, a few hundred dollars a month, you can also rent VPS.

2 to find some of the more popular download resources, select less than 5M of resources, the smaller the single resource, the total number of downloads is more.

3 to create a forum, and then each post is a download resources, is a direct resource directory.

4 for each resource compression packaging, before compression, in the document with your ad page links, named "free movies.Html".

5 continues to add new resources, each resource is compressed packaging.

6 of these resources will soon be Daolian, because there are a large number of network scanning software, automatic scanning resources.


software is downloaded to the whole day number more than 100 thousand times, others hotlinking you once, will give you the advertisement publicity out once, advertising pages so you can browse, for tens of thousands of people every day, in general, a VPS virtual server, one day can bring 50 thousand IP. This traffic is not very high quality, the use of these traffic to do the registration of SMS advertising, the average income of about one penny per IP, 50 thousand IP about $500 in revenue, VPS month rental fee is $350.

this is the theft of the network on a case of profit, this is a friend for each operation of the project, because the resource is never excess, short time network one can change the flow of hotlinking habits, so skills will be still in a few years.

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