nventory of well known domestic and foreign T technology blog

1, 36 krypton (www.36kr.com): at present the most fast technology blog, with the introduction of domestic and foreign Internet Business News blog site, to establish their own 36Tree Internet venture investment community. The name of the 36 krypton from element thirty-sixth "of the periodic table of elements krypton, chemical symbol Kr. The legend of krypton is Superman’s hometown. Except for entrepreneurs to provide free news reports, they organized the 36 krypton open day for the early Internet business start-up company product release provides a very good platform, every month in the major city.

2, Tech2IPO (www.tech2ipo.com):tech2ipo positioning itself in the "media" science and technology innovation, Tech2IPO is the abbreviation of IPO Technology to, to report early entrepreneurial companies, looking for innovative start-ups, focusing on venture enterprises, business information, business experience at the same time, also provides for change, and find a publicity one-stop service for entrepreneurs.

3, the Internet that something (www.alibuybuy.com): focus on cutting-edge Internet information, network communication products, the essence of the content, experience! This is what the Internet is something that the theme of the site, this position is still relatively wide, two unlike previous startups located in the news reports, the Internet that something, positioning in the attention of IT industry, the Internet industry news, what to pay attention to the design, the product of the Internet user experience, marketing mode, more practical, so that Internet practitioners can find what you want here.

4, 2 share network (www.showeb20.com): early entrepreneurial projects most concerned with Web2.0 temperament, but also focus on entrepreneurial project technology blog, but focused on sharing network 2 blog project, basically have Web2.0 temperament, which pay more attention to the user to create value. But the entire blog site and a few other than the previous, a little thin.

5, I horse (www.iheima.com):2012 in February 6th launched a website platform just on the line, he was born with a "entrepreneurs" magazine has a strong background, dark horse fund strength as the background, from the project to project innovation, to project reporting, project diagnosis, experience sharing Goods are available in all varieties. finally. Is the most direct, he can get to the appropriate team financing, was born with a golden key I dark horse is destined to become the dark horse of tech blogs, he doesn’t need to be acquired, he only needs to look for other people to buy it.

6, fixed point technology (cn.technode.com): the main report Chinese and Asia the latest science and technology news, start-up companies, investment and industry dynamic development trend, at the same time point is also very concerned about science and technology also aims to lead the forefront of technology and business model, such as social media, mobile Internet.

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