What is the most critical from the media

now the word from the media is too fire, to participate in some meetings can always hear the word.

last night to participate in a traditional media conference, some experts also mentioned the impact of the media on traditional media!

a lot of people do not understand how to do from the media, in fact, is that you are good at the side to play to the extreme, and then through a carrier to show.

we see a lot of people are playing buckle space, the use of text spread. If you want to rely on writing famous, you need to write, write regardless of good and bad. Ask yourself how long you can write


as long as you can write, now too many media platforms. But you have to find out what you’re good at and what you’re good at and interested in.

some people say that I do not seem to be interested in what is called a hobby can be developed, the reason why you do not find the point of interest, it means that you experience too little, try too little.

these two days to see a mixed out from the people who wrote the book, she wrote some of their own life experience and sentiment. And she will take advantage of this platform to do watercress, specifically how long I did not see, anyway, do not think, certainly not too short.

some people use space from the media platform, up to want to have thousands of views. You are too impatient, I wrote how long? It is numbered 136, then this before I write some technology column with nearly a hundred articles.

how much do I log in now?

average about 400 of it, some people say that you read your diary to write so short, with the primary school students to write a diary, there is no nutritional value.

alone from the point of view, I have been very satisfied. To know that some people write for a year, but also so.

As for the

value, different people have different views. For me, it does have a lot of exercise. At least when I have a fever, the first thing I think about is my diary. Every day I watched him grow up like a child.

why am I not in a hurry now, because I know I’m on the go, and I’m learning to walk, so I can’t run. Because I’m running a marathon. I know what’s important to me.

I also observed many people, when they categorically say that a day to write a time, I slowly began to observe, can one day a scanty do, is quite able to carry xiaohuzi, write long, why he can insist on writing


because this is his interest, he didn’t write the log to make money, purely for interest in writing, so he is not worried, not in disarray.


some people are

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