Group purchase website changes to the local life cake stalls or war dead group purchase upgrades

review: "the film" put heart flower road with red cat’s movie, the group purchase under the "egg" has become a classic beauty products group transformation. In the buy site has been packaged into a local life service platform of the moment, the group is dead, or mode upgrade, or a new round of war started again?

group purchase group purchase website changes: from local life

Xu Maodong some mind for Wo Wo Group’s "group purchase" label, he stressed that Wo Wo Group to Phoenix to do "in the local areas of life, rather than the Tmall group purchase business. In the recently organized by the service life of the forum, Wo Wo Group launched a mobile shop products to merchants "shop", intended to build a mobile APP business push discount information.

but at the scene, there are businesses don’t catch a cold, "the love of female consumer products and businesses more than the price, a single APP only you a hard to attract them" a beauty shop female boss said.

coincidentally, is trying to get rid of the "group purchase" impression, Zhang Tao CEO will be positioned as a "city life platform", and began to implement the system of division at the end of last year, the original sales and technical team assigned to each division, the 6 main business: trading platform, businesses platform, local promotion, marriage, online restaurant reservations, hotel and tourism takeaway.

in the field of food and beverage segments, the public comment on the main way to expand investment. In January this year, the public comment takeaway food investment system and call center software provider Shanghai youbloom May; a $80 million stake in hungry takeaway website, at the same time, 50 million yuan investment meal APP big mouth; September, in less than two weeks after the first public comment, Ishikawa technology, catering ERP system Dragon financial business days.

a series of mergers and acquisitions so that the public comment on the basic framework of the large closed loop catering O2O. But also the industry investment behavior of this money is not optimistic, insiders do not want to be named to the Phoenix technology analysis, the public comment this year a few large amount of investment, before financing or difficult to support it to such frequent and massive investment. Earlier there was news that the amount of investment from Tencent to get public comment about $400 million.

compared to the investment strategy of public comment, the United States has adopted the form of self. U.S. group CEO Wang Xing proposed U.S. group’s T strategy, that is, the main group is a large horizontal platform, which includes the United States Mission and the main station APP, which is a large O2O platform in the field of local life. This platform can be subdivided into more specific platforms, such as movies, hotels, etc., that is, vertical segmentation platform.

beauty regiment of the hotel, restaurant and movie group purchase, four APP, with the release of "put heart flower road", involved in production of the United States Mission opal films also gained a lot of attention. According to the relevant person in charge of the United States revealed that the film business looks lively, but the price is so low profit margins. >

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