China Eastern electricity supplier was established in addition to what can sell tickets

airlines, simply rely on point to point selling tickets to make money more and more meager profits, trying to extend the industrial chain of the market is huge space.

2011, Liu Shaoyong, chairman of the East Airlines, on which to see the business opportunities, and proposed to China Eastern Airlines to traditional air carriers to modern aviation service integrators transformation.

three years later, this strategy has finally landed a substantial. The 7 day, Eastern Airlines Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "China business") was formally established, the company’s main task is to integrate all kinds of internal and external Eastern products and services online and offline resources, to provide one-stop integrated travel related products and services for the year 80 million to 100 million passengers solutions.

China Eastern Airlines

business is a wholly owned subsidiary, the first injection of 50 million yuan, the company is not outside the imagination to do a new site, but will try to better have now realized the resource of passengers.

Wei Zhilin is the general manager of China Eastern electricity supplier, he told this reporter, China Eastern electricity supplier mainly want to explore the possibility of the realization of resources from three aspects.

is 80 million to 100 million passengers a year ago, China Eastern Airlines customer groups, only sell tickets, now going through the travel habits and needs analysis of data mining more fit the demand for services and products.

two is the integral resources better digestion and liquidity, China Eastern Airlines aircraft before each ride, passengers will get points, these points are only for the ticket or some simple products, but now with the supermarket, gas station and other more business cooperation, improve the user experience on the use of integral, even through redeem money.

three is the introduction of more products and services, the passenger service continued to transport, such as in the official website booking, car rental, hotel and even tourism products, in addition to tickets outside the value-added service mining.

in fact, the lodging, travel and entertainment and a whole industry chain of traditional products, Ctrip also OTA to integrate the. In recent years, the airline has hopes to strengthen the direct sales, before surrendering the ticket agent customers back, and now, the competition has apparently expanded to more areas from the ticket. The key to compete for customers, who can provide more competitive prices and more comprehensive integration of products.

of course, it’s not just Eastern airlines. Just last month, China Southern Airlines began experimenting with the Losangeles municipal government jointly sell through "health tourism", as the touchstone transformation of the company full service providers. At the same time, China Southern Airlines also set up an internal electricity supplier.

before that, Delta, Austria airlines and other foreign airlines, has on its website to realize air ticket, hotel and car the whole process service and product push, direct proportion than domestic airlines much. While Canada, Qantas, Han.

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