Local portal operations strategy guide

with the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet industry, the competition between local portals is particularly prominent. So we in the operation of the local site, what principles should be grasped and the use of the strategy, in order to operate the local portal good summary of the industry a lot of points of view, probably divided into the following points:

first, local network media, and local newspapers, magazines, radio and local media, and they are more similar in terms of commercial operation.

: second, promotion website promotion + ground promotion in the form of a single online promotion enough to make your site is more people to know, so we should take appropriate offline promotion, such as the dissemination of information leaflets, or issuing discount discount membership card free to the public, regular development of charitable activities, which will greatly increase your website visibility.

third, information collection channels: as a local media, the timeliness and quantity of information is also very important. And a number of other local media, such as newspaper reporters to build up an information channel, or to carry out some cooperation with these media, are very good.

fourth, column settings: columns to be popular, do not become a consulting station, otherwise it is not close to life.

fifth, profit model: the profit pattern usually have a page advertising, membership card fees, advertising, business jiamengfei, channel title and so on according to their own advantages, the choice of reasonable profit model.

sixth: do ten good reputation, not low do a bad thing, want to maintain a good reputation, can not play any tricks to let users feel the feeling of being deceived, otherwise it is equal to the site announced the death of.

the above is a summary of some local site operation should grasp the direction, but also want to know the stationmaster "details determine success or failure, so don’t pass a any details of the deal, all these will be your window. If the webmaster for local portal site operation also some experience, welcome to share!

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