Duolaimi network Chinese v Google case in a stalemate

      in June this year, the newspaper reported the Duolaimi network Chinese v. Google now fell into a stalemate, a reporter yesterday from the plaintiff Chinese Duolaimi network was informed that due to unfair treatment by the protests, the company has asked the case should be heard in public.

Chinese Duolaimi network general manager Wang Yan said yesterday, scheduled for July in Duolaimi v. Google "search results unfair" case, because of the media presence, Google agent immediately to a judge for a public hearing is not, "the reason is that the contents of the trial will involve Google’s internal technical rules and standards of commercial secrets" then, the court announced this request to the trial of Google, so the day of the trial is not complete.

Wang Yan said, if the case does not open trial, apparently unfair to me." Reporters yesterday several times to call the Google Corporation spokesman but failed to connect."

in June 14th this year, has made Chinese Duolaimi network evidence preservation Google sued the Beijing court in Haidian District, the company is the cause of action against Google, fair and equal treatment principle. In addition, Chinese Duolaimi network to buy Google "Chinese Duolaimi network, Wine, wine, red wine, French wine" and other words have also been refused. (commissioning editor admin01)

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