2011 electricity supplier can not do not know the five tools

2010, the momentum of development of e-commerce market turnover of more than 4 trillion yuan a thousand li a day. The acceleration of the process of the domestic Internet popularization and the introduction of various regulatory policies, the rapid rise of the domestic e-commerce market, and become an important force in the economic system. 2010 is a year of rapid warming of e-commerce, in 2011 will be a rapid development of e-commerce in the year.

in the electronic commerce to develop an irresistible force at the same time, we are constantly using a variety of tools to promote its development. 2011 to do e-commerce, which tools we have to understand it, might as well let us explore what?

e-commerce from the initial preparation to the success of the transaction, we need to use a lot of tools. Such as the establishment of tools, image processing, online communication tools, the effect of statistical analysis and so on are business people often use available tools.

site tools – independent shop system

Hishop online store system to the number by the maritime network technology Co. Ltd. the development of the most typical

system in the independent shop. Its development language is: ASP.NET, not open source. Maritime company’s software includes: Hishop shop system, easy distribution supply shop distribution system, the two systems are the mainstream industry system.

Hishop online store system has experienced eight years of grinding, has been updated to version 5.3, according to reliable sources said: in the end of the month will have will have 5.4 beta version of the line. Hishop shop system built quickly, a key fool installation from the server installation to officially open, only five minutes; close to the user demand, the system has built-in payment gateway, logistics distribution, function module must be two times the marketing and customer service support store operations; who can provide marketing, search engine optimization, promotion plan, members and viscosity store operations support for users of the system. The system is in the leading position of the same product at home and abroad in the aspects of stability, code optimization, operation efficiency, load capacity, security level, functional controllability and authority tightness.

recommendation: 4 stars

finalists reasons: 2010 is a year of vigorous development of B2C, even the sharp sense of smell, venture capital have expressed optimistic about the momentum of development of the industry. The shop’s maritime system with its complete function, convenient operation and strong brand and win, especially it’s easy to distribute software, it is in line with the development mode of electronic commerce industry opened up multi terminal.

image processing: Meitu Xiu Xiu

believe that the e-commerce industry, there is no shortage of art experts. However, with the development of the market, more and more people are involved in e-commerce, so many businesses open shop on a variety of image processing techniques and some of the image processing software is not very understanding.

Meitu Xiu Xiu

is a free image processing software, the operation is relatively simple. It has picture effects, beauty

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