f your shop is no longer like Shenzhen wine

how to make your shop to do the first thing is to succeed, you will observe shop data using quantum statistics tools to find the shop you visit several baby the highest amount, this is your store several pillar is only exposed to local buyers, we need to do is conversion rate optimization and the baby. Related marketing and shopping volume hook applications have immediate effect


specific operations: enter the quantum statistical tools into quantum statistics "baby respondents ranking, then can see the drop-down key to do the front row in a few baby baby: including the title, description, the main figure, do marketing association!! as long as this a few baby optimization well, then you will be short time to see the effect of

specific operation:

1, analysis of peer data summary of their own methods

5 find the best shops you do the analysis of why they do? All their advantages listed! Analyze their traffic? Analyze their conversion rate advantage? Profit analysis and positioning their advantages? Test their customer service? Then the strengths of others to use them then, set the target store, are listed in a long time to catch up on his plans, goals are dynamic, the goal is to know how to do! Have a goal ahead, do more smoothly


2, identify the advantages of their products

to find all the advantages of their stores and all this can be the first selling point to infer, which includes all the details of advantage! Summarizes these advantages, the advantages are shown by a series of things: such as the shop decoration, title, pictures, description….. And there is a saying "wine is also afraid of deep alley!", by these means you can put the selling point and optimize your goods completely to express

!Do the chain sales


if you go to see your shop visits the top few baby, you did not do it here is a suggestion: baby can chain coupons or integral together to sell, and then set up a shop in the activities such as shopping coupons to buy things or integral change enough. So they will be thinking about your shop, you may also come to the next shop to buy something! It is like a chain effect! But you should pay attention to: the title and pictures do not change too frequently, there may be danger right down! Saying good steel used in the blade! Let the baby become you town store treasure, like entering a restaurant! How to create

repeat the same!

4, determine their promotion path

through the statistics of the entire store profit level and their own investment expectations, which is its own financial strength, in order to determine how to choose their own way to promote a free choice, such as is low flow or choose to pay traffic! And then to determine their own promotion way


5, before the transition needs to be analyzed

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