Liu Qiangdong may be behind the high profile money


trial after a year of Liu Qiangdong, a few days ago suddenly high-profile standing in front of the media, since the performance data of the Jingdong in 2013 exposed the gorgeous, as well as the strategic expectations for next year.

behind the high-profile, tired brother think there will be. In accordance with the business rules, only high-profile financing. Liu Qiangdong bestie, CEO Li Guoqing in micro-blog propaganda, business financing high-profile precursor. He also did not forget to tease Liu Qiangdong, "he urged in financing last year, or last year fell."

all the signs that the Jingdong may be losing money.

earlier this year, Jingdong did find a $700 million financing. In the previous round of investment with the help of the Jingdong successfully got the life-saving money, and successfully fooled into a new investor. Financing is like pyramid schemes, the former one will always want to set up the next Fala Fang Fang came in. Financing to this, investors are willing to try, even fell, but also fell on the way forward.

Jingdong now go Ali style layout, $700 million can not support too long. The free market will always follow the "28 principles", Tmall established the moat has struggled for Jingdong.

on the one hand is the pressure of investors, on the one hand is the pressure to survive. Jingdong since the beginning of busy condition, from the beginning to explore the open platform, to imitate Beijing product benefits to cash, the Jingdong in the thought of as soon as possible so that the flow of cash.

in accordance with Liu Qiangdong’s oral, Jingdong turnover in 2013 is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. We disassembled, 100 billion of the self from the platform, 30 billion from the open platform, 70 billion. However, continue to break down, and how many cattle from the 70 billion brush results.

a long entrenched Jingdong scalpers told the author, his business model is very simple, is from the Jingdong on goods sold to buy a large number of other business platform. Buy low sell high, so he can not earn less than 20 of the small team of pots full bowl full. According to him, there are many cattle like him in the Jingdong.

these cattle sojourn in the Jingdong, to survive, and Jingdong because of these scalpers, continue to expand trading volume, the two sides have symbiotic. So how many C user consumer driven real transactions, Liu Qiangdong.

in accordance with such a transaction law, Jingdong next year to do 300 billion may not be a problem. However, there is a serious problem is that the higher the transaction volume, the greater the loss. As a popular business joke, let it thanks to much, to buy more of its home.

even so, Liu Qiangdong still very hard gas announced three quarter earnings before the micro Jingdong. Liu Qiangdong’s character is not a lie. This is also Liu Qiangdong early investors to appreciate him a little bit of Xu Xin, dare to love and hate, but thick and decisive.

just, profit is a learning. Electricity supplier

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