Talk about creativity and ecology there is still a lot of wisdom Ali

Sina to do social electricity supplier, although there are drawbacks, but for the sake of the realization of the Sina micro-blog has always been, it is indeed the only way to go. Even if everyone will be bound to Ali, but we can’t deny that Ali’s liquidation strategy and means of profit is indeed attracted to Sina, or just by virtue of holding eighteen percent of the shares, is not all about the development of sina.

Ali in the past six months, for the layout of the Internet industry can be said to move frequently, often concerned about the electricity supplier’s friends must be noticed. From UC, Sina to High German, Ali group seems to be social, mobile search and maps and other weight functions under the revenue account. Then need to do is only to their products and platforms into these applications, for the consumption of Ali ecosystem construction, some large Internet Co also expressed concern that one of the most serious is probably the number of Baidu. Absolute supremacy as desktop search, Baidu can be said that two years can sleep comfortably make money, these are also the ease, the stagnation in the Internet product layout, take the current state, has not formed products, even several acquisitions are somewhat hasty. Although the addition of PPS will make mobile video industry in conjunction with the search more perfect, but for the liquidity outlook is little advantages from PPS, Baidu and even grab all the benefits of mobile video industry, these markets are to be verified.

but these are forced to look at Ali, Ali layout, is that people know the pace of large intimidating to everyone. In addition to the external strategy and layout in an orderly manner, the internal adjustment is also quite orderly. In addition to the smooth transition of dual core mode, Alipay Ali in the functional aspects of the reform is obvious to people, at least from the attribute, Ali, we have to prove that Alipay is not just a tool, it is a financial assistant, although the addition of the balance of treasure to some extent but arrived in bank fund business profits, but it also a task and mission of their own, change awareness about Ali financial business, obviously compared to direct money to more development potential.

Ali in many aspects of the integration of business has shown a large company due level, according to the 84 owners of their own views, Ali has been carrying out the reform of these systems and ecosystems. Is a company started with the electricity supplier platform company, Ali on the Internet on the properties of consciousness are not a little worse than others, had earlier established platform, data and financial development, which is based on the attributes of their products to be considered, with the platform as the foundation for all business the development, in the collection of all transaction data for later use, expand their hands through the resources and data of finance business, Ali’s business model has been very clear. While some cooperation is carried out around this motivation, and coupons for such a long time, how many for Taobao, Jingdong, LAFONT even have a certain understanding of the operating strategy of, for their electricity >

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