Shop landscaping sales of goods or be stopped commodity information must be true

newspaper news (reporter Hu Hongwei) the Ministry of commerce 21 on the "third party e-commerce trading platform service specification (Draft)" the introduction of opinions, which stipulates that "the shop" shall be operated by the product certificate and other information producers.


and directly deal with consumers "shop", said the draft, platform operators shall, by way of contract requirements of shop operators to comply with the relevant standards, should be operated by the product obtained certificate and certificate and product name, producer information. In addition, the information displayed on the web page must be true. The physical (tangible) goods shall be shown from multiple angles and directions, not to the commodity color, size, proportion, distort or wrong for display; defective goods should be given full explanation and through image display.

in addition, the draft said the platform operators to encourage the establishment of a cooling off period system, allowing consumers to have no reason to cancel the order in the cooling system.

China e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi said, a difficult existence of e-commerce trading platform is currently, many products are unlicensed operation, some even without permission, some merchants detour is the sale of some "grey areas" products. For example, the store sales contact lenses are required to meet certain requirements, but a lot of online sales are not constrained. At present, the actual operation of the specification is more difficult, because the scope of the sale of the product is too wide, how the regulation is a difficulty.

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