E commerce marketing strategy to enhance the flow effect

traffic is the basis for the development of the site, Sina and other large integrated portal, you can use a variety of colors, including lace, including a variety of ways to attract traffic, and then try to achieve traffic conversion. But the difference is that e-commerce sites on the urgency of direct target traffic is very high, because many products, traffic flow through the lace news is difficult to achieve conversion. So, for the electronic commerce website Carleton University professor believes that the flow is the basis, quality is the key to enhance traffic conversion effect.


e-commerce marketing strategy, e-commerce marketing strategy: in the "value of execution", Carleton University professor has initially talked about two aspects and search engine marketing circle, this article from the text, blog, etc. to share Witkey marketing. In addition, people believe that the way out of the decision, the series focused on the specific mode of operation ideas, one can write a book, so if you are interested, can get to the bottom, or we exchange. (purely personal understanding, for reference only.


on the choice of marketing methods, as the author talked about is mainly small and medium enterprises e-commerce, so the main choice is free or relatively small cost. But the costs are relatively small does not mean that the effect is not good, like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia marketing case, if the traditional star endorsement money hard advertising, believe that it is difficult to attract the attention of the whole world.

a, soft marketing, value is the fundamental

what is the soft Wen, I do not like to use textbooks like explanation, I think the soft Wen is able to direct advertising way to spread enterprise information or products. From a cost perspective, the cost is very low, but if the writing is very good, you can play with the effect, of course is the classic case of brain platinum soft three steps. In fact, you can see the news media, and newspapers and magazines, are likely to have a soft article, you just haven’t found, or the author’s writing level is very high, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is soft.

itself is a kind of soft article, personally think that as long as the content is good for you, you don’t have to go into is not soft. So the Carleton University Professor, soft writing, is the fundamental value. For example, you see an article on the Internet to write a shop selling teddy bear is good, the results you buy is really good. Or you see someone who wrote the mall shopping experience Jingdong, I think it’s a good product. Whether you are as an individual consumer, or business, as long as the content of others to bring you the actual benefits, can not be called soft.

soft Wen marketing cost is low, but it is no easy to write an article on the line, soft Wen is best as an integral part of the marketing strategy, rather than a separate existence. Melatonin, played an important role, but only the whole marketing strategy in a ring, especially now that the environment is different from the past, a separate text to blockbuster, so difficult. Of course, some time ago that the computer world is alleged to be on the hype of the article on the Tencent, individuals do not

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