Ma predicted small and beautiful is the direction of China’s future electricity supplier

The ninth session of the

network to the General Assembly the most eye-catching "2012 world top ten network operators announced, 10 were from Anhui, Shanghai, Taiwan and the United States. China the best network award.

compared with the ten operators in previous years, this year the selected network is not particularly outstanding sales performance, also have very high popularity. So, these small network operators what was


organizers explained that this year’s contest theme is "small is beautiful". Internet era, grassroots entrepreneurs to provide a successful opportunity and stage, they burst out of a strong ability to innovate, reflecting the small is the future direction of the United states.

in the conference, the reporter saw the winning network, found that they do business is really very grassroots, such as iPhone mobile phone shell, barbecue utensils, tea, scarves, and other agricultural products and not on the table.

Ma Yun said that the ten operators each represents a signal that represents the future trend. In his view, the awards over the years set too simple, ignoring the process, but the results of the report, no sense!

small business that is the future of the United States

small and beautiful is the direction of e-commerce in the future, this year’s selection allows people to see the grassroots creativity." Ma Yun believes that small is the United States, the future of small business and better key, but also more flexible.

Ma, for example, went to Japan a few years ago, to see a small shop, the couple with a child. But the store has a history of 147 years, the emperor of Japan bought their cake. Ma Yun believes that small is the United States, companies do well, bigger than the more delicious. He also revealed that, in order to support small businesses, Alibaba has decided to fully launched the "double million" strategy, to cultivate the one million turnover of one million jianian shop. In his opinion, an annual turnover of two people in one million will ask the shop, this calculation is to solve the employment problem of four million people.

actually, Ma early in September 2009 at the APEC SME summit, first proposed the "small is beautiful", he will be regarded as the future of small and medium-sized enterprises of the driving force of the world economy, he believes that consumer oriented business system will become the future of small and medium-sized enterprises will become the main body of the commercial society, the next 20 years is the small and medium-sized enterprise age. In the year of the 10 anniversary celebration of the Alibaba, the Alibaba: Ma proposed the next 10 years to promote three specific objectives of the new commercial civilization construction: first, hope for the world’s 1000 million small businesses, creating a survival, growth and development of the platform; second, to create 100 million jobs in the world; third. Hope for 1 billion people around the world to solve the issue of consumption.

Ali’s future strategy will be divided into three steps

Ma Yun believes that the world economy is undergoing profound and complex changes, not the most complex, only more complex; not the most difficult, only more difficult. The world economy will only increase

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