Amazon Dangdang traced fake cosmetics rampant closed shop apology return redemption

London March 21st news: according to the "Labor News" reported that the name of "every day low, authentic licensed under the banner of the Amazon have been selling fake! The day before Amazon and traced by selling part of the cosmetics and come from official channels, while Amazon sold Estee Lauder cosmetics is identified as a fake. Yesterday, Amazon China and Dangdang both issued a statement to apologize to consumers. Amazon said that the adoption of zero tolerance policy on fakes, and said that the implementation of measures related to the seller’s store closed shop, while Dangdang is affected by the event, the stock market fell more than 6%.

exposure: Estee Lauder identified as fake

19, CCTV economic half-hour released a survey of the two electricity suppliers sold internationally renowned cosmetics. The survey found that a cosmetic products sold by the seller, even from the wholesale Amaterasu days ", the name of genuine low price banner years did not provide any proof of the sale of cosmetics can purchase the certificate is genuine. According to Estee Lauder Co confirmed: reporters in Dangdang to 355 yuan to buy the essence of Estee Lauder pomegranate water and official channel products do not match.

in addition, unannounced visits to reporters from Amazon respectively 99 yuan, 310 yuan to buy a L’OREAL Paris special run moist grape seed cream, Estee Lauder pomegranate cream. In this regard, Estee Lauder Shanghai Trade Co., Ltd. and L’OREAL China issued the results of the appraisal are fake.

net sale of goods involving false, electronic business platform to be sold on the platform of third party sellers of fake joint liability. The reporter learned that, according to the new "law" since March 15th this year, in addition to the provisions of the special category of goods, consumers have the right to online shopping behavior, since the date of receipt of the goods within 7 days no reason to return, and punitive compensation of counterfeiting fraud from 2 times to 3 times.

: on Amazon and selling businesses permanently closed shop

reporter noted that for the exposure, in its statement yesterday, Amazon responded that the CCTV survey of products from the Amazon platform third party sellers, Amazon in February this year after receiving the relevant customer feedback has agreed to apply for refunds for customers, and permanently close the related sellers shop, the implementation of more stringent control measures of the United States cosmetics and personal care products category and sellers.

"first of all, from receipt of consumer feedback, we will immediately and repeatedly take the initiative to contact the customer refund; secondly, we also expressed the hope that the customer return the purchased goods to the Amazon to investigate, unfortunately did not get the customer with; third, for a prudent and responsible attitude to consumers, we had already closed related sellers shop." Amazon said that policies harm the interests of consumers for individual sellers in violation of the Amazon, Amazon also to consumers to express my sincere apologies, also welcome feedback and comments from all sides in order to continue to make improvements.

in the treatment of fakes, Amazon said it also further strengthened the seller audit and management procedures, such as"

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