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recently in the planning to do a video shopping promotion website, specifically for others in their own video website promotion products. Shanghai is a very well-developed e-commerce City, the popularity of e-commerce in the city should be said to be higher than any city in the country. Personally think that such a site in this city full of money will be a great success.

Shanghai e-commerce market analysis,

1: the population of Shanghai, has called a shopping paradise, but really want to buy what things in this city, you have to run all the way, that is why the "Shanghai shopping network" and "City Trading Network" in this city which can fire the market foundation.

2: e-commerce in the country can be regarded as the most developed city. Almost everyone will use online banking, everyone has a Taobao account. This is what we do video shopping navigation website based on the market and businesses will know that the basis of our advertising costs.

3: with the electronic commerce in the city of Shanghai, when shopping fans in online shopping, full of hidebound, unable to fully display the commodity complete picture, this will reduce the proportion of business transactions. If they can fully understand their favorite baby, if the baby can satisfy their preferences, this business will be a deal.

4: at present, do not do this kind of video shopping guide website in Shanghai, now do that is the first, look at the country does not have much home, so it is a new thing.

so what should we do?

1: mode of operation, only the display of goods video, not involved in the sale of goods.

2: the source of profit for the business only to do video advertising, video production costs charged.

3: on our website, we have to charge a certain amount of membership fee.

4: a reasonable planning of all the pages of advertising display, advertising fees charged.

5: released Shanghai video shopping card signed Shanghai merchants, holding this card shopping allows members to get the corresponding discount. Membership card fee. This is mainly to increase the frequency of shopping fans to pay attention to the navigation and increase their loyalty to the site, to ensure that the site’s video display every day.

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