nventory 2015 fresh electricity supplier death list

introduction: fresh electricity from everyone to do, to pour into a piece of everyone said to do well, after three years of time. A lot of capital in fresh body burn, this process can sum up what experience?



network operators in the world by Liu Ximo

December 16, 2015, the fruit camp CEO Yi De was taken away by the police, which was established in October 2014, known as the new world to create a "Alibaba" O2O electricity supplier companies, officially stopped operations. 5000 employees in the future.

2012, Amazon, Taobao, SF preferred China agricultural channel, the original life, Jingdong mall food fresh channel in succession on the line. So this year is also known as China’s fresh electricity supplier first year.

"2014-2015 Chinese agricultural e-commerce development report" shows that in 2014, the rapid development of China’s agricultural e-commerce, various types of agricultural business amounted to 3.1. 2013 national fresh electricity supplier transactions amounted to 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%, is expected in 2014 the country’s fresh electricity supplier transaction size will reach $26 billion, an increase of 100%. Fresh electricity supplier is known as the electricity supplier in the field of new blue ocean.

fresh electricity supplier is not false, however, due to the supply chain, cold chain systems, logistics and other threshold requirements, fresh electricity supplier is a big game between players. Ali department, Jingdong Department has an important position in the fresh market. And can not live on the threshold of fresh and not hold the thigh entrepreneurs who have been shuffling. The following is the inventory of those fresh electricity supplier reshuffle.


death list

data source: IT, orange

network operators in the world

why die?

through the list we can see that most of the dead and the transformation of start-ups, and B2C based enterprises, there are a small number of B2B companies. Fresh electricity supplier is now a big player of the game, for start-ups, the opportunity is not much.

first, a strong demand is better than a good product.

before 2012, put fresh products to sell online, no shaorenwenjin, no traffic, the price is not high, is tantamount to death. At that time, the majority of people to buy fresh habits or offline, the user needs to buy online consumer habits. According to the study, when prices fall to 35%, consumers are willing to change their spending habits for low prices. Subsidies to become an important way to hit the money, the level of one trillion fresh electricity supplier market by relying on subsidies to cultivate the user habits of war.

day before the release of "2014-2015 Chinese agricultural e-commerce development report" shows that the current domestic electricity supplier of agricultural products is close to 4000, but only 1% can be profitable, there are 7% huge losses, 88% losses, 4% unchanged, which means that 95%>

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