Shenzhen a year nearly 1000 network failures still need to improve the soft environment

as early as the first half of this year, in the face of an annual growth rate of more than 100% of the domestic e-commerce market, there are industry insiders predicted that the end of this year will usher in the collapse of the tide. Not long ago, suddenly collapse once fame Shenzhen rice mall seems to confirm the accuracy of this prediction. The Shenzhen Business Daily reporter recently learned in an interview, in the past year, there are nearly one thousand e-commerce companies in Shenzhen closed down.

many e-commerce companies closed down, many of which are the reasons for these enterprises and the market itself, but the soft environment of e-commerce is not perfect is not an important factor.

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recently by taking deep research and other units of the electronic commerce salon, many industry insiders pointed out that the government pay more attention to the brand of service providers, in the implementation of the policy bias support of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to support is not enough.

survey shows that the city currently has about more than 3 thousand and 700 e-commerce companies. In addition, personal opened shop phenomenon is very active, open only in the Taobao online shop in Shenzhen reached more than 90 thousand, in the pat line at the Shenzhen shop more than 20 thousand Alibaba, the Shenzhen network has more than 750 thousand people.


survey also showed that from the end of last year, Shenzhen has nearly 1000 e-commerce business failures, the collapse of rice mall is showing a lot of network "short-lived" fate.

talking about why this year Shenzhen has so many e-commerce enterprises collapse, experts said the well-known e-commerce Benbo in an interview with reporters yesterday, in fact, these businesses fail a considerable part because of their factors. Since the launch of a series of related policies in Shenzhen last September was approved as a national e-commerce model city ", there are a considerable number of enterprises in order to obtain government funding or drilling policy loopholes to rush into the field of electronic commerce, and the enterprise itself on the development and the future market positioning is not very clear, so naturally not escape the fate of collapse.

Shenzhen market supervision and administration of electronic commerce supervision department deputy director Feng Nianwen also pointed out that at present many e-commerce enterprises difficult to expand even difficult to survive, talent scarcity is one of the important factors. He pointed out that at present, not only the development of e-commerce in Shenzhen and the country are extremely scarce talent problem. Simply understand that people do not understand the business of electronic, but do not understand the electronic business. How to cultivate suitable talents is not only the electronic enterprises but also the government needs to consider the issue.

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also has many industry insiders said, business closures and e-commerce in Shenzhen soft environment is not perfect but also inseparable. The industry believes that, despite the current large number of e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen, but there are few truly well-known, can be said to be a lot of quality but not high. Huadajiaqian introduction of Baidu, Alibaba and other famous enterprises stationed in Shenzhen, small and medium sized electronic commerce enterprises as well as vigorously support local small and medium-sized enterprises, to the "timely assistance", creating a deep.

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