Pocket shopping also hold thigh received one hundred million Tencent injection

August 27th news, we learned from multiple sources, mobile shopping guide class application pocket shopping has completed the latest round of financing, investors include Tencent.

has the investment community, pocket shopping this round of financing in the amount of about $100 million, investors, including Tencent and tiger fund. Pocket shopping in June before and after the beginning of this round of financing negotiations, but the final time is unknown."

according to media reports, after the pocket shopping has completed two rounds of financing. April 2012, pocket shopping announced the completion of the $12 million A round of financing in January 2013, sources said pocket shopping has been B round of financing, but the official did not recognize.

we contacted the pocket shopping CEO Wang Ke, for the investment of the Tencent and Tiger Fund, it still said no response.

round of financing is the biggest attraction to the Tencent. Analysis of the industry, in accordance with the style of Tencent investment, usually not limited to the capital level, but there will be more integration of resources. In the two pocket shopping business lines (shopping App, micro shop), most likely with the Tencent connected mobile terminal is built micro shop.

the beginning of this year on the line tool, has quickly captured a number of small sellers, it would become a "mobile small Taobao battle. The news, as of mid June this year, more than 3 million merchants settled in micro shop, daily trading volume of about 70 million. The micro shop seller is an important platform for WeChat public number and circle of friends, as Tencent (or WeChat) will be with the pocket shopping how to cooperate resources, is still unknown.

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