Shang Wenjie cross border electricity supplier behind do with the idea of doing the product artist

no one would have thought that Shang Wenjie would be an inspirational story.

champion aura fleeting, followed by a few years of anxiety: the market positioning is not allowed, the record does not make money, high investment income bleak, Shang Wenjie almost to be abandoned huayi. Worst of all, Shang Wenjie to Huayi responsible for business, and later became a partner of 8 years, called Nie Xinyuan, two people talking while crying.

‘s early questions about Shang Wenjie’s overly exaggerated modeling. But over the past few years, Shang Wenjie is not the same, not only through the "I am a singer" counter attack, but also with distinctive electronic music and fashion label, she returned to the mainstream public view to Queen’s attitude.

to help Shang Wenjie to win back the market, in addition to prove their strong will, more important is the team behind the operation: to do with the idea of packaging products to an artist.

so you see Shang Wenjie frequently fashion magazine to attend the fashion week, and even the identity of the singer from the artist to become the boss, this is not a coincidence, but a complete set of ideas. There is only one, get rid of artists, especially singers survive dilemma, so that Shang Wenjie has more commercial value.

so this interview from Shang Wenjie do cross-border electricity supplier, on the one hand, the idea is to the identity to "investors", on the other hand, want to get rid of record issuance, endorsements and other income restrictions, will expand to model larger commercial market.

Shang Wenjie in 2014 to joint investors status and the trend of the electricity supplier YOHO! Stock cooperative transparent suitcase Ma puce 6, and Jingdong (28.87, -0.38, -1.30%) Dostyle brand launched copper headset. Shang Wenjie talk about these do not find it difficult: my personal brand is to do the idea of running the product, but now into a kind."

is responsible for the operation of Nie Xinyuan brand back-end integration is more practical, he hoped that the cross-border electricity supplier income ratio can reach 50%, then the team would not be so hard, but Shang Wenjie was able to electronic music heart next to Heron do love.

two outsiders

in Shang Wenjie post bar, there are often friends in the entertainment news photos, asked who appeared in the side of the man who is in the Shang Wenjie. He is the president of Nie Xinyuan black fashion.

2007 Shang Wenjie to Huayi door, Nie Xinyuan was in the Huayi artists do business work, Shang Wenjie is one of the artists responsible.

these two people have a lot in common, one is two is the same to the background of personal independence of conduct, before Shang Wenjie change destiny is a Shanghai ordinary white-collar workers, responsible for marketing and brand promotion in enterprises a luxury brand oem.

Nie Xinyuan is the first in the advertising company, after the heyday in the grand market, the Internet thinking training after two years, Nie Huayi artist responsible for mind distance switched to business market.

two advanced white collars from >

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