Electricity supplier War to declare war in

these two days, the Internet industry has two big news, one is: China Telecom and NetEase cooperation launched easy letter; the two is HUAWEI become soft, announced the formal entry into the electricity supplier. The first said easecredit this product, this is the operators and Internet giants together, obviously this product is against WeChat, WeChat hopes to share some of this delicious meat, easy to believe that a "WeChat" and finished recording function in imitation of WeChat plus its leading NetEase and mailbox communication, change the chain link. In addition, HUAWEI became "soft", from the "cloud" equipment manufacturing to electricity suppliers, this is because the current Chinese in the hottest, most topics is the e-commerce industry, has always been the pursuit of quality and the eye of HUAWEI this way is actually no ground for blame.

yesterday searched the web editor has analyzed the letter into the electricity supplier, the field of Internet news. Today, we talked about the reasons for HUAWEI to enter the electricity business. In fact, HUAWEI in its mobile phone manufacturing began to test the water and electricity providers, small category of mobile phone sales to ensure HUAWEI last year in the electricity industry profitability, perhaps analysis and forecast in the Internet Conference on electricity suppliers based on HUAWEI also saw the future, after the sweetness is really thinking, until yesterday HUAWEI announced will expand the category of electronic business platform, this concept is similar to Tmall, the level of the Jingdong.

since the famous science and technology reporter Li Yinghuan broke the news, the major sites have been talking about this topic. Some people say that Ren Zhengfei is doing magic realism electricity supplier dream; it is said that HUAWEI’s cross-border is actually an adventure game; it was claimed that HUAWEI is hoping to have been living in the eyes of the stable target market. In fact, whether the talk is intense, electricity providers have think a xiangbobo coveted, perhaps what will burst Lenovo also want to test water and electricity.

in today’s electricity supplier industry is really into the war era, HUAWEI to enter the electricity business is said to be fully prepared. HUAWEI not only in the "HUAWEI electronic mall selling mobile phone, but also sell liquor, Argentina beef and so on, in fact, HUAWEI is currently the most mature channel should be the problem, after all, had never been involved before. In the B2B and B2C platform, after entering or downsizing should give priority to the development of the intermediate channel, low cost channel, HUAWEI’s global strategy has played a brand, which is the channel to strengthen cooperation and retail, big package, to achieve channel coverage. HUAWEI’s corporate culture and style, always organized, the momentum might dare to do everything to create an offbeat "Jingdong".

electricity supplier in the dripping today, the Internet business enterprise are in you I have to contend with, whether domestic or foreign business electricity supplier in the scramble for a cup of soup, this is also a lot of business enterprise to count on the internet. For example: Ali, Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon, Le Feng, the United States and so on, now all-powerful in telecommunications, communications equipment industry HUAWEI settled, undoubtedly once again intensified competition. I hope in this competition, the electricity supplier industry can be stable and steady development. >

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