Jingdong line channel sink four to six line city logistics speed

[Abstract] to help open the service store Jingdong, will combine the goods, the main road logistics, publicity, mobile entrance sink, systematic solution to the last mile of home appliances to the countryside.

Jingdong to help service store opening ceremony (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) November 22nd news, Jingdong announced before the group of large home appliances, Jingdong to help service shop "officially opened in Hebei of Zhaoxian County province. Jingdong said that the next 3 years, "the Jingdong for service shop" will be rolled out in the county, reaching more than 1000.

Jingdong said that the move is mainly to help Jingdong channel sink, thus, Jingdong power can be four ~ six lines of logistics speed.

2014 home appliances online shopping analysis report shows that the first half of this year, China’s home appliance online shopping market reached $83 billion, an increase of 56.6%, electricity supplier channels have become the main channel to buy home appliances. But many rural consumers are not familiar with online shopping, goods and after-sales service policy does not understand, there are still doubts about home appliance online shopping.

Jingdong said, the installation of network and social service station resources, relying on the advantages of authorized manufacturers, Jingdong to help service shop "by word of mouth, brand promotion, membership development, rural promotion, orders for customers and other forms, providing distribution, installation, maintenance, maintenance, replacement of a full set of home appliances one-stop service for consumers the solution, open up rural e-commerce" last mile "service.

Jingdong also said that with the opening of a number of mobile shopping platform and the rapid expansion of marketing activities and the rapid expansion of logistics coverage, three ~ six lines of the city has a gradual increase in the number of users. In order to improve the response speed of the supply chain, Jingdong channel sinking in the storage services.

according to insiders, this year, the Jingdong will FDC warehouse (nearest consumers second tier city warehouse) comprehensive coverage of major capital city, and on the three or four line of the city, began the layout of network encryption, by shortening the radius of logistics to improve logistics efficiency.

currently has Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu Jingdong, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang seven logistics center, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Qingdao, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Xiamen and other two logistics center, and more than and 30 all electric logistics center.

Jingdong warehouse relevant responsible person said, "set up Jingdong to help service shop", combining goods, logistics, advertising, mobile Road entrance sink system solution of home appliances to the countryside "last mile" problem. Jingdong will achieve more than 1000 stores in more than 3 years, which is not only Jingdong channel sink strategy of the most widely landing, but also home appliance operation O2O model.

, these people said, "in the future, to help Jingdong service shop will gradually increase the mobile warehouse, O2O center, since some other functions, through a county store Jingdong to help the construction of service system, the rapid completion of the national rural market network coverage."

statistics show that the price of electricity in rural areas is generally higher than the electricity supplier platform 10>

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