51 com launched 51 happy shopping really take e commerce when life saving straw

on the 51 impression always stay in Hunan TV "Happy Boys" sit in the seats for the media broke the woman mouth placards in the phrase, "on behalf of the 51.com Chinese largest SNS website, support * * *". Who knows everyone’s network is also the female representative of this sentence, I represent China’s largest SNS website Renren, support * * * *".

is China’s largest no one willing to admit that he is the second child. Estimated that the happy site to say so. But we all know that the situation is now SNS, 360 laps, the ant network has fallen. According to media reports, the number of active users happy network is also dwindling. SNS is also so dead support, why do? Swollen face fat man, who is playing harder than. Of course, there are some flicker effect, at least in front of the TV audience friends are mostly easy to be fooled. Otherwise, how can there be so many people will be deceived by those stupid TV commercials?

but, in order to survive, it’s not enough to just hit your face. Swollen face is the internal friction, and now need to SNS. VC is not expected, so, SNS site must learn to make money. So they think of e-commerce, think of the game. But the effect is not obvious. Recently, 51 launched the "happy shopping", set foot in e-commerce platform 51. Compared with the original SNS model for the provision of other e-commerce portal, the 51 to do their own e-commerce, the main sales of 51 brands of goods and personalized customized gifts.

first said that the original SNS+ e-commerce model. It was a good idea, SNS popularity, traffic, e-commerce need to flow, seem to hit it off. The key is that e-commerce sites are often reluctant to share with the SNS site. Although e-commerce is very beautiful on the surface, but many e-commerce sites are not high profit margins. Originally he does not earn much, do you expect from him in the bowl of a share, easier said than done. In particular, some of the larger e-commerce sites, they already have a certain brand and popularity, SNS can bring that point of popularity is not what they need. And these sites through the traditional means of promotion has spent a lot of money, but also to obtain a more stable user base. More channels to promote, the higher the cost, he is also less money. For them, the stability of their original user base, improve the conversion rate is actually more meaningful.

look at how to do their own e-commerce 51. The use of the advantages of their own web site to do e-commerce, it can be said that the foundation than the general e-commerce sites. 51 happy purchase kingpin products is also very suitable for the original website users, and sales of 51 brands, with some 51 fans a taste, on the other hand, the brand can be 51 further promotion. 51 but you want to look very beautiful, users can not buy it, this brand is not need to know the 51 has a broad user base, is not popular and have a very good reputation. Otherwise, why should the user buy you only

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