The Jingdong’s pat Network Sichuan derivative Taobao bidding

to Taobao, the Jingdong’s pat Network since last October launched a micro pat shop has been staking. Yesterday, pat micro shop to hold investment in Chengdu, which includes 455 international brands, including Columbia, will be settled pat micro shop.

micro shop is the biggest feature of traffic, by patting the micro shop to generate a lot of mobile APP page access, access to the entire mobile Internet traffic. Currently, pat micro shop in WeChat, QQ and other mobile phones have opened up the flow of the entrance." Pat micro shop manager Guo Bin said, with WeChat as the first entrance, after the pat micro shop released in mid October last year, only 66 days sales have broken 20 million yuan, single day peak reached 60 million yuan.

up to now, the opening of the store has been pat micro shop over a million, the proportion of individuals and brands accounted for micro shop 9:1. Our biggest advantage is that WeChat’s circle of friends derived from the fans of the economy, the current active users in the 4000~5000 million, the purchase rate over 20%."

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