China’s nternet situation the white paper to speed up the e commerce market

China’s State Council Information Office, No. 8 issued by the China Internet situation, the white paper pointed out that the rapid growth of China’s online retail market, the market gradually standardized. E-commerce professional service system is taking shape, digital certification, electronic payment, logistics and distribution of e-commerce application support system is gradually formed.

The development of

e-commerce market led to the development of the logistics industry, also attracts more and more people choose online solve employment, a considerable number of social employment, this Chinese to ease the severe employment situation is undoubtedly a great help.

new office also said that the Chinese government will vigorously promote the development of e-commerce websites, in order to promote economic and social development, improve the level of public services and facilitate people’s work and life.

China’s market is very regular, once the government introduced a policy or a series of industry planning, will be highly concerned about the industry. China’s e-commerce site with the support of the government, will also set off a climax.

and closely related to the IDC market will certainly seize the opportunity, especially now approaching the Dragon Boat festival. I visited a number of IDC service provider’s Web site, found that the largest IDC service providers have already launched the Internet era in Southern China Dragon Boat Festival gift, the product is as low as half off.

I learned from the company, the State Council to vigorously support the e-commerce market, IDC service providers are also greatly inspired, and key members of the IDC service provider itself in e-commerce market, this is a double boost for them. In the Dragon Boat Festival, the introduction of such a big discount, first, in order to promote the pace of customer site construction, but also to fulfill the company has always been the purpose of customer – oriented, work together to achieve a win-win situation for customers.

white paper also said that the Chinese government will continue to work to promote the development and popularization of the Internet, and strive to make China’s Internet penetration rate reached 45% in the next 5 years, so that more people benefit from the internet. This is bound to form a strong e-commerce market, e-commerce sites will certainly be springing up to the ground.

business website owners to do a good job in the construction of the site, to further improve the overall quality of the site, with the government to promote a new generation of high credible network as soon as possible to achieve. The relevant industry should seize the opportunity and momentum, path of development of e-commerce market has China characteristics will become broader and broader.

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