Gome brewing in September to set up a new electricity supplier company integration two

mall with Jingdong (micro-blog) CEO Liu Qiangdong August 20th delete multiple micro-blog and stop micro-blog update, a Sina micro-blog began marketing the so-called electricity supplier price war ended, however, for its business integration seems only just begun.

(micro-blog) Gome online mall general manager Han Depeng told reporters in August 21st, because the name "Gome online mall in the past is too complex, and with the continuous extension of the sales category, continue to use the name of Gome seems to have no right, from the beginning of August we will collect the company’s new name on the Internet, I believe that soon the results will have."

for Gome online mall, the change of company name is the first step of Gome online and offline strategy transformation, before Gome at the group level set Gome online to manage new beauty (Gome online mall) and Kuba, chairman of Gome senior vice president Mou Guixian as the United States online.


began in August 15th the electricity supplier price war, the United States with Jingdong, suning.com (micro-blog) war, and in the actual operation with the greatest scope and magnitude of the price war to become the winner, but from the ALEXA traffic ranking, Gome online mall and coo8 despite the recent rise of 2038 and 1928, but and ranked 65 in the Jingdong mall and 164 in suning.com is still a big gap.

obviously want to let the two electricity supplier website in terms of size and flow to catch up with major competitors, Gome management is still facing great pressure. In this regard, there are close to Gome who told reporters, "before Gome is not ready to do business, how to coordinate the relationship between online and offline, after this war basically a clear understanding of the necessity and urgency of the transformation of the electricity supplier, so Gome in September will be a big action on business electricity supplier".

informed sources told reporters, Gome in September will set up a new e-commerce company, the electric company will be responsible for the coordination and integration of existing business, joint marketing line of gome. From the current point of view, Gome online mall and coo8 merge, become the most convenient way for Gome in the short term will expand the scale and flow of electricity, after Gome online mall has Kuba to complete the docking of supply chain, logistics and IT platform.

in this regard, Kuba vice president Peng Liang said, "there are two sites inside the United States will integrate the proposal, but now nothing has been finalized, the key is to look at the second half of the supply chain logistics docking effect, and in the cost control and sales performance in the second half of Kuba Kuba, the operate independently from the current point of view the effect of good".

said Peng Liang for Gome this offline physical stores and online business website to participate in two of the price war, "in fact, for the United States, the best choice is not in line, let Kuba as.

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