SF support enterprise O2O layout built intelligent warehouse system


] April 18th news billion state power network, yesterday, in a business meeting in SF EXPRESS Group CEO Yang Haiming said that SF will support enterprises to carry out the layout of O2O, and the share reform trend of all channels: multi channel sharing logistics logistics.

Yang Haiming said that the characteristics of logistics sharing is real-time, visual, fast available, the lowest cost of supply chain. And to achieve the sharing of the conditions is a powerful information system, the construction of the storage network system and the realization of intelligent warehouse, a highly collaborative business system and efficient logistics partners.


intelligent warehouse, Yang Haiming said that the development of the system of the SF group will be divided into three stages.

in the first stage, the core area to achieve orders issued within 12 to 18 hours after the delivery, the peripheral area within 24 hours of delivery;

in the second stage, the core area in the order of 8 to 12 hours after the delivery, in the periphery of the distribution within 18 hours;

developed to the third stage, the core area can be achieved on the same day, the same day delivery.

is now built in SF logistics system according to the demand of the brands, hope that brands can have a lower inventory, but not out of stock.

Yang Haiming said that SF group do these systems are designed to help you upgrade the layout of O2O, but also in the layout of O2O SF itself. The SF O2O model is the warehouse with a whole, SF stores and brand polymerization of the three core together."

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