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for most consumers, the discount is obviously more attractive words. In the fierce Chinese resources grappling electricity business, discount station is a grassroots can make achievements in a few areas. However, how to make their own characteristics discount station, to enhance a certain influence, rather than a simple list of goods, most of the owners did not have their own ideas. Between the fact that the site is similar to each other, thinking to make its own characteristics depends largely on the webmaster for the website, from the operator to the present, although not much time but their website activity have been very satisfactory, which also met a lot of friends in the advice, and the reason is actually very simple, you may for business discount station is too tall, sometimes some details can be successful.

discount station also need to subdivide the product, make professional. We don’t think that is the grassroots station, is a station to get some discount, only low-priced goods get everyone’s attention placed on top of it, this is not the Internet of three years ago, people are talking about a user experience and user consumption habits have been formed, will not be the so-called low price attracted everyone there is a set of their own money saving strategies. So in such an environment, the discount station in order to make an impact, it is necessary to make a special effort in the division and specialization. In addition to the classification of goods compared to traditional industry, I on the site also launched a special nineteen yuan nine shipping activities, and the main categories, because from the daily consumption behavior, for the twenty yuan of the following goods, all consumer psychology is not very careful, very easy to transfer, but once plus shipping it easier access to user support. This is a good idea of the operation, just think the discount network in order to really open the market, in order to allow visitors to pay attention to their own, we must let the other party to understand their position, understand their advantages. In the face of the market a variety of categories, if you were to go to, then sooner or later be found themselves down, and advantage is important segment.

quality is as important as price. Cheap goods do not believe that after experiencing so many low-cost promotions, the general consensus of the general consumer psychology. Some businesses in order to engage in gimmicks, often in the price on the bluff, Jerry in quality, which directly leads to everyone for the so-called discount promotions, more of a guard, so I warn you here, even if we do discount, cheap, we also want to provide consumers a good first pass, in the selection of goods to we note for product evaluation, even discounts considerable products can not be casually recommended to consumers, after all users are from our going out, the product is directly related to our own brand image. So I will pay more attention to customer evaluation in the actual operation of the following products in general, general in the industry level, describing the score to be perfect, for low discount goods, I will try to buy, after all, in the case of, its highest goods will not higher than 30 percent off, generally around 50 percent off, so the discount is undoubtedly the most suitable China consumers discount.

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