Quality inspection administration of fake electricity supplier can pull in half

lead: Quality Inspection Administration of fake electricity supplier can pull in more effective? The source of counterfeiting and functional departments of many line under the lack of supervision is an important factor in the proliferation of fake.



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, according to Xinhua news, December 28th, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and supervision division in Beijing and Jingdong, Alibaba, Suning and shop No. four electronic business platform signed a cooperation agreement. Quality Inspection Administration organized the signing of several business development of the "" product quality commitment "enterprise law enforcement inspection results to the public search platform, is expected to officially launched in March 15th next year, can provide consulting services for the consumer. At the same time, electronic business platform will also set up consumer query portal.

this means that next year, 3.15 before and after, consumers can pass the AQSIQ and electronic business platform to set up channels on the network to check the authenticity of the goods, for consumers is an excellent news. As for the electricity supplier industry, this policy can also make it difficult for many years to solve the problem of fakes.

"fake" this year is a hot topic, can be said to be "enduring". Especially in the electricity supplier platform this special sales channels, fake phenomenon is more serious. In addition to objective factors, the enterprise is responsible for this phenomenon. However, the source of counterfeiting and functional departments of many line under the lack of supervision is an important factor in the proliferation of fake.

The General Administration of quality inspection and supplier

sign and inquiry platform launch, equivalent to the integration of electricity providers, consumers to fake. Then, out of such a "fit strokes" can effectively solve the problem? And what influences will be brought to the


behind the temptation of profiteering temptation, electronic business platform needs to bear some responsibility

double eleven has been in the past more than January, but Jingdong and Ali’s saliva battle has not stopped. From the beginning of the business has been forced to choke each other fake problems. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said: online management of fake is very simple, a programmer spent a day to take care of it". In addition, it implies that Ali can get interest in fake issues.

and Ali also the chief platform officer governance not resigned to playing second fiddle, Zheng Junfang believes that the search for the source of fakes need to rely on consumer feedback, coupled with the help of the government, in order to remove the fake group.


is Dazui Zhang, but both sides actually have some truth.

as the saying goes: some people have rivers and lakes. Similarly, there will be fake market. This problem has plagued us for many years, China’s 3.15 consumer associations, each year in March 15th will hold a party, we can see the importance of this issue.

, however, the problem is repeated fakes. Especially after the rise of online shopping, fake problems in the electronic business platform has become more and more intense, class >

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