Looking back on the 618 electricity supplier Wars the Soviet Union and the United States Jingdong pr

with the recent development of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier price fighting is not what’s new. In August 14th, Jingdong Suning price war is reminiscent of the June 18th electric war, June 18th Jingdong mall store but a domino, the domestic well-known e-commerce platforms have "unwarranted" to join the cause of war, some people feel a mo.

price war for the electricity supplier, is to enhance their market share of the way, but also to stimulate the potential spending power. After the June 18th price war report sales data than usual a substantial increase." IResearch e-commerce analyst Ding Jiaqi at the time of the first financial daily "financial" reporters.


618 was the anniversary of the Jingdong store, but in 2012 June 18th to become the Chinese electricity supplier carnival. In order not to let Jingdong profit alone, the major electricity providers have come up with preferential policies sniper, users are also actively respond through the network.

throughout this battle can be found in the There was no parallel in history., businesses have their wonderful performance, and this electricity supplier war will be accompanied by the development of commercial electric Chinese, another round of carry on.

on June 18th, visited the electricity supplier website in 65.4%, the largest growth site is suning.com, this was followed by the Jingdong, Cuba and Tmall.


618 electricity supplier war on the same day, Jingdong mall to create effective orders under the single 1 million 500 thousand, the turnover of $1 billion 16 million. Among them, a total of 8 hours of computer sold a total of 30 thousand units, sold an average of one second.


super sales exceeded 1000 units.

mobile phone category sales of more than 100 thousand, with an average sale of 1.35 phones per second.

computer accessories single day sales growth of 300%

home appliance sales increased 5 times over last year

clothing category completed 30 thousand pen volume

Book 100 thousand pen

in addition, according to Alexa data statistics, Jingdong 18 visitors reached an increase of 70%, an increase of 60%

June 18th has more than 55 million users log on Tmall, Tmall home for the first time in a row for four days to grab red envelopes activities as high as $50 million.


Tmall city sales increased 400% over the same period last year, expanding the share of Tmall in the B2C market.

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