Online shopping luxury food price to buy genuine nest in the gun

online many Dalian sea cucumber was posing as other foreign sea cucumber. "The luxury food", as the name suggests, is a luxury food, famous for its luxury.

not long ago, Taobao’s sales in the first category of the Yan princess by the consumer report is false, and confirm the identification Chinese Academy of inspection and quarantine. Thus, the potential risks and problems of the sale of precious ingredients are also exposed.


in Taobao, Jingdong and other appliance business platforms, bird’s nest, sea cucumber, foie gras, matsutake, imported beef, shark’s fin "luxury food" sold.

news reporter recently from Kobe beef, bird’s nest, sea cucumber mushroom, the 4 "luxury food" is the focus of further investigation found that these "luxury food prices, the same commodity price difference even up to 30 times that, near the famous, false propaganda and other chaos.

is our country banned the import of Japan as early as 2001, Kobe beef, online shopping platform is not uncommon, the original is Australian beef by "Kobe" fame; nearly two years just ban imports of bird’s nest, the emergence of a large number of smuggled goods online; looks similar, but not the same song Ji velvet are often used pretend to be expensive, Fujian sea cucumber mushroom; Sea Cucumber Soup, Shandong Style posing as Dalian sea cucumber phenomenon is It is often seen.



take 30 times the price difference between the two

posing as Agaricus

: the case of Ms. Wang a few years ago to 10 yuan per kilogram price to buy some "mushroom", and found the taste very different before. Just know later, but not to buy their own mushroom, Agaricus blazei. According to the president of the Yunnan Provincial Association of matsutake Toshikin, currently on the market in Kunming did not sell fresh mushroom.

network: Chaos trace is not similar

and Agaricus mushroom

matsutake is a natural rare edible fungus, known as "the king of bacteria", because there is no successful precedent and the high price of artificial cultivation. However, because of the name and ABM that there is confusion often online businesses to others, resulting in matsutake market chaos.


The director of the Institute of Huazhong Agricultural University

fungi Bian Yin Bing told the Beijing News reporter explained, Agaricus with matsutake are two different varieties. Matsutake is precious wild medicinal fungi, high nutritional value, most of the salt exported to Korea, Japan and other countries. The Agaricus is available through artificial cultivation of edible mushroom, the market price difference of 8 times in a few years ago.


industry also said that the ABM originating in Brazil, the official name is Brazil mushroom, which belongs to the Agaricaceae, and also are two completely different fungi. "This is a kind of artificial cultivation of edible mushroom, low value, the market price is generally of tricholomamatsutake 1/30. The world is only Chinese Brazil mushroom called Agaricus, cause a lot of people will mistakenly believe that exaggerated Agaricus mushroom, Ji >

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