The United States announced the more than 1 thousand and 700 store and online price

August 16th morning news, Gome announced today that from August 17th onwards, the National more than 1 thousand and 700 stores will keep the line of the same price, "the whole series, the full range of" fight to the Jingdong.

yesterday, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong announced that all electric mall three years zero margin, and from 9 pm the next day to ensure all electrical products than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%, directed at Gome and Suning two major home appliance retail giant.

vice president of the United States and the United States and the United States that is strong in the first tough stance that the United States does not avoid any form of price war, Gome online mall across the board commodity prices will be lower than Jingdong mall.

he said in an interview with Sina Technology, the Jingdong store claims to have a cost advantage on line online shopping is misleading than offline store, e-commerce is one of the biggest cost a lot of traffic costs, if the cost of advertising cost, publicity, including logistics delivery cost, the Jingdong’s overall operating costs are not lower than the store.

He Yangqing said, whether it is now or in the future, the store must be the core channel, the most competitive channels. There are nearly one hundred billion huge orders and selling models of customized underwriting agreement to the United States every year, Gome online mall with exclusive, low-cost, sustainable sales volume. Hand appliances "source control", there is a natural price war. (


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