f the electricity supplier sports meeting how to lead the babe network and realize the three stage

the end of the year, always check when.

if the electricity supplier industry this year to a sports meeting, after a year, performance is also a few happy tears".



honey Amoy" magic department "a lot of players race to the half had to leave, but also have a lot of players like winter and not have to hand over the dazzling transcripts.

Ali dished out the "new retail", Jingdong swallow one shop, two runners still firmly lead; vip.com also broke the four years listed for 16 consecutive quarters of profitability; mogujie.com said after the joint body beautiful beautiful, size and strength are enhanced. Another notable player, babe network announced the end of profit, officially joined the "profit electricity supplier team.

let me surprise, babe network from birth to earnings, only a short period of less than 3 years, on the realization of the absolute leader, and jump three times, can be regarded as a worthy of the name "three jumps" player.

review of the player’s three jump road map, you can summarize the development of electricity supplier business law, perhaps, you can also see some signal in the second half.

babe network three hop

babe network was a star player in the field of business, it is the debut in the spring of 2014.

that time, two senior Ali and Jingdong different in style with noisy, but together firmly occupy the integrated electricity supplier can not shake the position. Then, there are vip.com, jumei.com and other senior societies in their own summon wind and call for rain. Not to mention with babe network or are ready to go into business door there are many students, when placed in front of the babe network founder Zhang Lianglun problem is: the cake is great, there are opportunities for



babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun

Zhang Lianglun’s answer is the mother of the crowd electricity supplier. Zhang Lianglun once said in an interview, he found the 25 year old to 40 year old mother, maternal and child groups incremental market sales data is obvious, but this does not match, then there is no established leadership a maternal enterprise.

so, 2014 found the whole baby babe network time window quickly cut, and has won a number of top investment institutions favor.

, who also did not expect that, babe network force speed so astonishing. This is like babe network after the "motor", quickly opened the scale of the road. Founded just 9 months, access to today’s capital, such as high Yung C round of investment of $100 million, valued at nearly $1 billion, becoming the first to enter the unicorn club’s mother and child electricity supplier.

June 2016 babe network completed a $100 million D round of financing, while drying out their own transcripts.