Taobao is willing to take a lap from mogujie com

some people say that is a Taobao parasite, too dependent on Taobao is not a good thing. As a result, practitioners have objected that it is not understand, do not understand Taobao’s business model, Taobao is willing to take a lap from I don’t understand, how Taobao is willing to own users from others where lap?

according to data released by, 40% of users to Taobao, which is a good description of the user from Taobao to Taobao. These users themselves are Taobao users, why do you want to slip from to Taobao The product is filtered out to the user, the user will be selected to guide the Taobao. But from Taobao itself, if the screen belongs to Taobao, that’s no problem. But if they are not controllable with the third party platform, strengthen the ability to control the screen, Taobao will not feel threatened by the presence of


said Taobao is unable to flow, even if Taobao stop sellers will choose That is to say, Taobao can not control it? Do not forget that these sellers in the hands of Taobao. I do not believe that the seller is willing to Taobao shield Baidu, but Taobao shielding Baidu when the seller does not have the right to speak. If Taobao will guide users in Taobao, cut antecedents is not possible. Sellers really cooperate with, there is no statistical data provided by Taobao, how to achieve the benefits of sharing between the seller and at the same time,’s Taobao account into account in the hands of Taobao. Taobao refused to pay commission, in addition to the lawsuit can do?

Taobao really want to reject’s antecedents, not impossible. At the outset, Taobao shielding Baidu, a lot of people think that the impact of huge. Facts have proved that Taobao buyers are not so fragile, even if cut off an entrance, they will go to Taobao. So, cut off the whereabouts of to Taobao, so that can profit, its impact on Taobao will not be so great. At the same time, the Jingdong, where the threat to Taobao did not imagine so much. Take the current Taobao transaction data and Jingdong to contrast, the two is not at a level. Because of a, Taobao as reluctant? And, for the so-called UGC, can guarantee the value of the platform? If there is a variety of Navy, the evaluation of no value, and the user can continue to stay in the


finally, a lot of people say that does not understand the model, Taobao is willing to see the growth of In fact, to Taobao to bring the increment of 3 billion a year many? Even if the 3 billion are incremental, compared to Taobao annual transactions, but is also a drop in the bucket. Besides, this is how much Taobao $30 stock also can make nothing of it. If you really want to see the development of, Taobao why to do their own wow and stubborn rabbit? Taobao is not necessary to do their own. Be sure that Taobao still alert to In addition, Taobao does want users to go back and forth