The new Juhuasuan upgrade at vip com

took part in the 99 anniversary of the launch of Ali Juhuasuan and the promotion of the project on Tuesday. At the meeting, the person in charge of Juhuasuan Wang Licheng (formerly Le bee network CEO) describes the future planning of Juhuasuan, it is worth all the seller’s attention. The biggest highlight of the day, veterans believe that the positioning of the change, Juhuasuan will be converted from a simple platform for the sale of the brand based on the limited experience of the special marketing platform. Let us explain this position in detail.

keyword: brand

backed by Taobao Tmall Juhuasuan, although only 1/10 of Taobao’s traffic, but the conversion rate of flow is not low, the current output of Juhuasuan’s single pit is 4000 people /. Juhuasuan to create greater value in two ways, unlimited increase in the number of pit bit or increase the single pit output in limited pit, from each product sold only 4000 to 8000 people to the Juhuasuan platform, chose the latter, which means to enhance the access threshold, so that can create the greater the value of brands stationed, this is the internal logic of Juhuasuan position change.

Another reason for

to make brand positioning change is Juhuasuan has long settled in the lower end of the brand, a lot of brand awareness is not high, resulting in a single pit platform output has been difficult to upgrade. A message is revealed Wang Licheng 88% Taobao Tmall clothing brand is not the real line under well-known brands, many brand style is outdated, many brands do not put them in the same quarter of the same kind products to Juhuasuan, but only their own poop or outdated style took up, businesses just put Juhuasuan as a simple sale platform. With the increase of consumer awareness, for the development of the platform, it is extremely unfavorable, and ultimately will lead to the loss of users.

keyword two: Limited special

signal is limited preferential transfer out of Juhuasuan hopes to participate in the activities of the goods are of high quality low price, rather than junk or Potter style is outdated, to paraphrase Wang Licheng is "grass root grass root also have a dream, also want to buy goods". In order to ensure the fairness of the platform, to maintain consumer expectations for the platform, Juhuasuan requires businesses to make 30 days of the industry’s commitment to the lowest price. If the breach is not allowed to participate in the next 3 months, Juhuasuan, or in accordance with the industry competing goods channel and then sell a low price of 30% times, the number of times the number of Juhuasuan sales last time to prepare.

keyword three: experiential

experience has two meanings.

is to enhance the business experience, Juhuasuan will open the data related to the product business in the background, will be open to businesses on Juhuasuan after how many people are browsing, collection, new customers and other related data, reduce the difficulty of doing business in the business of Juhuasuan.

two is to enhance the consumer experience in the consumer experience, Juhuasuan will launch three service fallback commitments. Seven days no reason to return, 30 days of industry price, 100% free shipping. This represents the Juhuasuan brand

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