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department store dangdang.com books will be assigned to the suning.com responded that the former There are no waves without wind.

[TechWeb] December 31st news, insiders broke the news that Suning insiders confirmed Dangdang books, e-books, department stores will be settled suning.

Dangdang Marketing Department replied that there is no cooperation, but does not rule out future cooperation.

TechWeb for the connection of a product line Dangdang responsible person, he said, although still unable to disclose more information, but can say is "There are no waves without wind".

this, Suning declined to comment.

2012, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing developed a new development strategy – please come in and go out". In addition to go out in dangdang.com, to seek third party cooperation platform. Please come in, it is necessary to invite more brands settled Dangdang platform.

October 2012, dangdang.com announced settled Tmall, officially opened the shop in Tmall, its books, general merchandise category respectively to form the flagship store settled.

Since then, Li Guoqing said publicly that the decision on the original

does not regret: Tmall is doing ‘commercial real estate’. Dangdang settled like Tmall bustling shopping district, make some management cost to advertise a bargain! "

data show that when the Tmall flagship store (UV daily maximum passenger traffic) was once close to 500 thousand, the average daily passenger flow is usually around 100 thousand, Tmall new 300 thousand users three months (not including Tmall and Dangdang dual user). Tmall settled in the second month, Dangdang on other books to become the first category of Tmall mall category books.

insiders pointed out that if this news is confirmed, means Dangdang ‘going out’ strategy has been successful in the Tmall platform, Dangdang hopes to replicate this model. The reason why the choice of Suning, the main reason is Suning is currently the only way to get through the line to open up the 020 companies, the future potential. (eight)

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