Decathlon last year revenues of 10 billion euros and guess Chinese contribution


] February 15th news billion state power network, the French sports goods retailer has 40 years of history, Decathlon (Decathlon) has been described as the IKEA sports industry. It took the route and Nike, Adidas, Under, Armour is completely different: more scary category, store thieves, do not speak, do not advertise, the product is surprisingly cheap. And this unique development model to support it to maintain a stable pace of development. The day before the release of the 2016 earnings again to produce gratifying achievements.

according to the results, Decathlon’s revenue in 2016 increased by 12% (compared with the previous year growth rate increased by 4.4% to 10 billion euros), pre tax scale.


2016, Decathlon added 8 stores in France and the French market, overall sales market grew by 2.2% to 3 billion 300 million euros. Among them, the online sales accounted for 4.1% of total revenue share, compared with 2015, has increased by 3.1%.


Decathlon official pointed out that in 2016, the international market business companies accounted for 67% share of the overall revenue. During the period, Decathlon added 164 new stores in the world, and entered the 5 countries, including Mexico, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, Singapore and Slovenia. So far, the company has operations in 28 countries around the world, with a total of 1176 stores.

data from the point of view, France is still Decathlon’s biggest retail market, there are a total of 301 stores, and Chinese is the second largest market, a total of 214 stores, Spain is the third largest market, a total of 149 stores.

in addition, there is news that in 2017 Decathlon will put attention to the international expansion of Israel and Philippines, canada.

in the Chinese market, billion state power network learned according to public information, Decathlon early in 1992 with producer status in China, opened in 1998 in Shanghai City, Minhang District Xhenzhuang factory shop industrial zone, cloth retail try first pawn. Until 2003, Decathlon officially announced its entry into the Chinese market, still steadily.

It is reported that

, Decathlon in China development mode mainly has four kinds: buy self, custom property, the main shop leasing and sports facilities with. The process of any kind of development mode is not quick, a project done from 1 years to 4 years. In particular, most of the group to encourage the purchase of self built, often spend 3 or 4 years, the cost recovery is relatively slow.

and electricity providers have become Decathlon in the development of the Chinese booster. In March 2010, Taobao mall has not changed its name to "Tmall", Decathlon’s flagship store officially opened. Through the official business platform and the Tmall store, Decathlon business is now covering more than and 370 city.

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