UGG official website hundreds of people confused in Chinese did not conduct business electricity sup

with the arrival of winter, the popular market in recent years the UGG snow boots once again usher in the peak consumption. The reporter found that this year, UGG has more than a lot of official website, claiming to be up to hundreds of thousands of daily sales. In this regard, UGG AUSTRALIA this brand of China authorized store staff said that the current UGG in China did not carry out e-commerce, only the United States from the official website of the United states.

hundreds of "official website" confusing

"UGG Chinese official website", "UGG Chinese official website, the official network of UGG, these puzzle fans like" official website "really makes a lot of people. Reporters found that the price of these boots boots in the basic five hundred or six hundred yuan, less than half the store price. The sale of UGG is genuine it? Why the price will be cheaper?

at the beginning of the 400 global customer service phone, customer service staff, nuanced reminder and identify the authenticity of the shoes UGG brand culture, and then hang Chinese only authorized the official website of the brand, which claims to be the official website of UGG the online trading platform looks enough to convince people they are really. Reporters in the online search engine Baidu search UGG official website, the search results as much as 1 million 350 thousand.

"we can trade 200 orders a day, we are the official website." A registered location is located in Guangzhou, claiming that the official website of UGG customer service staff said so. The seller boots priced at around 600 yuan, according to the sales staff statement, the site’s sales within a day can reach $120 thousand. As for the genuine boots is still not verified, but in the United States Li said that if the official website of the United States in accordance with the conversion price, a pair of boots in 1500 yuan ($250) on, even the old, if the price is less than 800 yuan, is very likely to fake goods.

The price is not a large number of schools

reporter through the investigation found that these want to take advantage of UGG hot hot money "false official website" divided into two factions. First, insist that he is the official website. Most of them explained: "we are the official authorized website, but the authorization is not convenient to disclose the company’s internal documents. Our boots price is generally 4 to 40 percent off stores, this is mainly for two reasons: on the one hand, we directly from foreign sources (or is due to the UGG part of the boots in Chinese production, we have people get the purchase channels); on the other hand, we are in a winter sale."

and the other group is hanging UGG China official website brand, click to go after you will find it is not UGG AUSTRALIA, but AUSTRALIA UGG or YELLOW EARTH etc. These self styled e-commerce site UGG family brand. But this kind of website boots and UGG AUSTRALIA tend to be roughly the same price, 2000 yuan to 40>

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