Enterprises in the search engine to promote the two forms of expression

we are most familiar with the most commonly used search engine is Baidu and Google, below I will simply discuss the importance of Baidu and Google in network marketing, enterprise network marketing is an inevitable trend, and I’ve said many times, we do business, must have visibility, visibility is where. By Baidu and Google, network information accessible, we publish their own companies or products through their own enterprise website in the form of information, make friends all over the country can instantly understand you, started the network brand, achievement of success.

do Baidu companies know that network marketing has two forms, one is the bidding, we usually say it is the promotion of Baidu, another is Baidu ranking, we call it the Baidu snapshot, I contrast detail in this two kinds of modes.

first said the price, Baidu promotion, according to the key words fee, as long as you have money, you can go to Baidu first moment, general words are few, popular words are ten, suitable for large companies, because the big companies have the ability to withstand, can bear, small companies, small businesses, every day hundreds of pieces of advertising a lot of companies within a short period of time can endure for a long time, could not bear to give up.

then said the number of keywords, Baidu promotion is very simple, some companies do a word, you feel a lot of pressure, not to mention a few more words, the cost is more expensive, the natural ranking is free, you can optimize more keywords, there is no fee for a click, accumulation can reach a qualitative change the result is a natural ranking and Baidu promotion effect is similar, but the cost of different natural ranking best, relatively stable, is a long-term return process.

so small and medium-sized enterprises do network marketing is the inevitable, do Baidu’s natural ranking is a big trend, how can easily achieve the natural ranking? A new product with the development of the era was born, it fixes a group of software defects (early, late upgrade difficulties lead to failure, the hair is rubbish links lead to Baidu punishment), what the search engine ranking rules, eliminating the need for manual optimization of the difficulty, so that the natural ranking is more simple and effective, it is the G3 network marketing system, G3 can issue a 8 to 15 key promotion reports for customers in a month’s time is the fastest manual optimization, the most effective platform, G3 has its own enterprise alliance is a 2 enterprise alliance, is the first company in network marketing brand, G3 is not wrong Choose G3 to realize your dream of success at an early date.

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