How to use the exchange union to increase their traffic

today to write a bit about how to do well the methods of film flow station, of course, the method is varied, today I write a little experience but I usually do the movie station only ~ ~ of course our approach is not necessarily the best way, there are different views of friends we can discuss with each other exchange ~ ~

movie station traffic is good is it ~ the first is the choice of the program, there are a lot of movie station program, general Marx can choose a class, of course, if you choose to use some other people not commonly used procedures or design of the original program if Baidu to your weight will be relatively high a ~ ~ general film website is concise and clear, too fancy but cause eye fatigue of users.

‘s program this fix, it should be popularized, the first landing or search engine, this website is essential to work, ha ha. Then is the friendship connection, friendship connection is also a website mutual benefit promotion method.

said the truth now make the movie station very much, Baidu search, GG is a lot of, unless you do really well, otherwise it would be hard to repeat, then what should we do? Then we should use some exchange alliance, this is not tight can optimize of their traffic, but also can play an important role. In the premise of not affecting the user experience, the webmaster if the reasonable application of the exchange Union, can generally improve the flow of 20~50%, and now there are a lot of 1:N traffic Union, I do not recommend one by one. If the movie station to make money, then I would recommend the use of traffic Union, because the flow of the Union’s code picture is more attractive, under normal circumstances can reach 10% hits. Personal recommendation: 779 exchange chain.

Of course, because

do is the movie station, we can consider using the film Search alliance to improve their traffic, I recommend is and, leleso would not have said a pretty good movie search alliance but the threshold of a little high point, then you can also choose to opopp the movie search alliance exchange ratio there is still a good basic can reach more than 1:2.5. In general if you have IP on stage 1000, according to the general situation of the 10% hits, you can at least return flow is 200IP, if it is the movie search alliance then put a little more code, unlike the advertising alliance that has very strict restrictions on the rate of film so, you make good use of it, can search alliance through the film (LELESO, OPOPP) received more than the flow of 300IP.

well on the first to write so much, and I hope that some of the content of the movie station want to do the movie station is doing a bit of help friends. More rational use of exchange alliance, movie search alliance let you flow quietly and slowly growth.