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from the beginning of May, the electricity supplier by the Tencent’s fast and easy network, Jingdong, suning.com and Tmall mall and other large domestic e-commerce enterprises initiated by the known as "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war" has been involved in 7 billion of the value of the cumulative profit margin and marketing resources. However, as temperatures continue to rise, this field has drawn the attention of the summer price war did not settle down, but there is a growing trend. Today, the newly established Tencent electric holding company announced that once again, in June 12th 0 -6 14 March 24 once again put 500 million of the value of marketing resources, to carry out a three day QQ online shopping "summer Carnival" large-scale promotional activities, the move has intensified in the Chinese electricity supplier price war is heating up again.

it is reported that this is the first large-scale marketing activities carried out independently of Tencent electricity supplier business, and Tencent’s electricity supplier business is also the first time the use of QQ online shopping in the face of a unified brand in front of consumers. If coupled with the network before the fast and easy to invest 500 million of the marketing resources, in which the price war, Tencent electricity supplier has invested more than $1 billion giant.

has a "proprietary and open platform two large business electricity supplier’s Tencent, in the first wave of promotions, we use fast and easy 3C as the title, and we will focus on the promotion of open platform for the main businesses involved in." Wu Haiquan, director of Tencent electricity supplier, told reporters.

According to Wu Haiquan

, in the QQ online shopping businesses "summer berserk Festival set including starry, YISHION, Daphne, Mark Ed Faye, kappa, Lining, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Zhou Dafu and other more than 1 thousand brands, covering 12 major commodity categories, which is the largest Tencent in the first half of the electricity supplier promotional activities. To this end, the Tencent will invest more than 5 million yuan of QQ online shopping more than 50 million yuan cash coupon, the coupon and brand shop 500 million yuan QQ online shopping envelopes.

during the event, users in the QQ (including the original online shopping mall, pat Network, QQ online shopping QQ to purchase physical goods) the cumulative amount of over 300 yuan, you can receive 200 yuan shop vouchers. Daily application of the top 20 thousand users can also get an additional $50 online shopping coupons, online shopping coupons available in July 31, 2012 before the QQ online shopping to buy any goods. It is reported that participate in the QQ online shopping "summer berserk Festival" average commodity price cuts are more than 50% of all goods, in addition to buy 300 to send 200, also launched joint businesses buy a mobile phone to send Q coins, buy a specified notebook to send flat, buy the brand camera in Hong Kong and Macao to send activities.

"we in the activities of the investment, has more than two pat snapped at the end of last year. In order to prevent businesses artificially high price and then discount, we for all applicants to participate in the activities of the goods all the manual review, the whole network parity, and commodity page locking by technical means before the event, prohibit merchants to modify the price, is to really give consumers more preferential choice." Wu Haiquan says so.


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