Jingdong book by 11 11 rapid expansion of the market single day sales record

every year after 11.11, there will be a hot selling newspaper reports, a group of amazing data to create a "grab the book" lively. But the excitement is not necessarily real prosperity. The lack of a rational purchase, often leads to blind hoarding; happy is the business, the user is injured. 11.11 this year, the Jingdong books do not play routines, except in November 1st to 12, launched a 12 day low price promotion activities, the content of marketing communication as a key, guiding the reader rational purchase.

Jingdong Book 11.11 big promotion, readers become real Carnival: Jingdong Book Entertainment Department to create new record single day sales amount of sales tax for six years, an increase of 64%. Readers here not only grab affordable low-cost audio books and merchandise, grab the content.

sales: six years to create the highest single day sales of

sales data from the point of view, Jingdong Book entertainment business continues to maintain rapid growth. November 1st is the 6 anniversary of the book on the day, on the day of Jingdong book sales hit a new high of over the past six years, to celebrate the anniversary of the six to send a best birthday gift. The 11.11 period (November 1st -12), book sales revenue grew 64%, which is an audio category sales tax leading growth reached 70% in the Chinese audio-video market. Sales grew by 74%. Per capita purchase of books and audio and video products 16.7 (Zhang).

12 days sold copies of books is a staggering figure, if these books piled up and can stack 82.7 Mount Qomolangma; connect the book length, equivalent to 226 of the length of the marathon; if by weight, the book is equivalent to 61 head of the world’s heaviest animal whale.

readers like the top three books are: Children’s books, literature and social science books. Which book sales accounted for 23%.

from the sale of a single product, readers like the first ten books, literature books accounted for 5, children’s book of the 4. Top5 are: "pig Paige (set of 10 volumes)", "world map: go to travel with my father (encyclopedic Edition)", "the Imperial Palace calendar (the Gregorian calendar in 2017)", "fall of giants (set of 3 volumes)", "not the same as Carmela painted version of · the first quarter (set of 12 volumes)". The most popular audio and video products the top five are: "Switzerland Bandari 2015 collection complete hardcover edition (15CD), the" white cite Gang "weeds", Wu Yi’s "I love this world," Adele Adele:25 "utilitarian" (CD). The most popular e-book products, the top three are free ebook reading VIP electronic card, respectively is the monthly card, annual card and six cards, fourth and fifth respectively is the "love", "if the snail Hou Weidong notes (Set Book 1-8 + officialdom Pakistan Hou)".


partners, book sales ten partners in the best of four sales tax, an increase of over.

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