The shopping mall alliance content analysis

today’s chance to enter a content alliance platform, so that I am bright, these days a serious study of the platform, his views on a simple exposition, to share with you. Please pointing.

first, the content alliance platform is a platform to re order the Internet content system.

website content alliance is a kind of cooperation mode between the content of the website, and it is also a kind of communication mode. Web Content Alliance by the content providers, alliance platform providers and content use sites combined groups, groups of parties through this form to achieve the purpose of win-win business.

alliance platform provider upstream gathered a number of content providers to provide the content, in the downstream and gathered a large number of the use of these content to enrich their website. In this way, the alliance platform for content providers, it becomes a content distribution channels, and for the use of the contents of the website, it becomes a content (or a type of polymer content).

We take great shopping mall

Content Alliance illustrates the working process of the platform:

a small website is very personal and professional content, they apply to join the alliance platform content great shopping mall; when the application is approved, the channels in the channel display area, for other website customization; when the other sites, such as telecommunications owned by a local portal website, interested in mall channel, custom the channel, the channel to mall website showing Telecom on their website.

When the

login Telecom website users when they see the mall channel, when click to view the merchandise of the store, they did not see the telecommunications web site within the data, but after the domain name after the jump, see the content provider content on the server is the shopping provides product information.

so that all sites are divided into three categories:

1, the content provided by the site (mall system), user oriented channel website and Content Alliance platform. Content provided by the site can control the content of advertising (also can be put on the platform advertising) to establish a huge product sales data site. Open channel has been used for the channel website.

2, the channel site may have a large number of users or a good domain name. Access to a large number of clicks, while locking the user, for the main station to increase the click traffic. Get more profits. They have a home page advertising and part of the channel (or header footer) right to publish.

3, the alliance platform is responsible for domain name jump, advertising billing, merchandise sales statistics, etc..

this platform to solve a lot of problems:

1 content website promotion. There is a good content or commodity sites do not necessarily have a high flow and sales, but through the alliance platform can achieve integration of traffic and sales.

2 Channel website content construction. If there is a large amount of access to local portal