buy network Zhao Pingyuan food business is a marathon

seemingly blue ocean electricity supplier opportunities and challenges coexist. In Zhao Pingyuan view, the electricity supplier of the business is like a marathon, only the strength of the strongest to the last. I bought the network just ushered in the fifth birthday, it will be what kind of attitude to meet the challenge, defeat opponents?

food electricity supplier as a blue ocean, has broad prospects for development. However, opportunities and challenges coexist.

with the continuous influx of capital, food and electricity business competition is also increasingly fierce. In front of a shop, the original life, SF preferred vertical business bureau. After Ali, the Jingdong announced the beachhead online supermarket business platform.

I bought the network CEO Zhao Pingyuan seems, food business is like a marathon business. I bought the network is not the first to enter the board, but the confidence to go to the end.

in the food building a less than ten square meters of meeting room, Phoenix first met Zhao Pingyuan. Unlike the traditional state-owned boss "nouveau riche" style, in the anniversary T-shirt Zhao Pingyuan is more like an Internet "grass root". But compared to many Internet companies CEO publicity personality, Zhao Pingyuan’s speech is rigorous and restrained.

he is willing to try new things, to the industry and competitor insights sharp, but it will require Phoenix mercy, "this is not reported."

can see the collision between innovation and tradition in his body, the integration of the Internet and the system.

talk about the past: wealthy origin system within the entrepreneurial

from 1998 to 2006, Zhao Pingyuan served as Fulinmen edible oil sales director, worked in Shanghai.

in 2006, because it was the newly appointed director of the Changning headquarters of COFCO Gao Ning proposed "to focus on innovation, the application of Zhao Pingyuan from Shanghai to Beijing, joined the COFCO new Department" new business ", designed to do business without food. Since then, Zhao Pingyuan took off the high handsome rich coat, with a few people began to start empty-handed.

2008, Zhao Pingyuan first net, when he was the head of the Department of business innovation COFCO he will "LOHAS" juice "happy net implantation".

was popular, "Lohas (Le Huo)" thought, Zhao Pingyuan saw the opportunity: "the first brand." However, "LOHAS" the trademark is not registered, only registered the name "LOHAS".


" LOHAS "registered a series of brands, in addition to fruit juice, honey, and biscuits, cereals and so on, I hope to use the brand to promote the sales of each category. At that time, just to catch up with the happy net of fire, I wanted to be able to use some of the Internet communication, the LOHAS implanted into the happy net "steal food" game, LOHAS visibility bit on." Zhao Pingyuan said.

"I’ve always been the gene for innovation, and I don’t want to take the traditional media." >

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