Kazaana Children’s interactive social platform for the whole family


PixyKids officially changed its name today, Kazaana began public testing, is a social platform for children aged 6-12 and their families. Kazaana believes that the previous platform name is too feminine, and the target user group is unknown, resulting in the use of only children without parents to join. Kazaana want to build this platform is a family interactive social platform, and the security of the site has also been greatly improved.

at the same time, Kazaana also announced that the famous children’s privacy experts, kidSAFE certified project founder Shai Samet will join the Kazaana consulting team. The kidSAFE program is a specialized website for children, children’s application for safety assessment of certification bodies, to protect children’s safety, kidSAFE certification scope includes children’s games, virtual world, mobile phone application etc.. At present, there are a number of children’s brands to join the project, including the United States cartoon channel, National Geographic, Pearson animation and many other well-known brands.

Kazaana CEO Kadakia prior to serving in HP Hewlett-Packard Co, Rajul. Company COO Mike · is a former Google finance manager.

Kazaana’s main competitors are Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters. And the two different, in Kazaana, the children can not only play the game, you can also chat with their small partners, video, share pictures, videos, to create their own 3D doll role. Children can dress up their own space, but also access to other people’s space. On the Kazaana platform, there are many more creative applications and mobile apps for kids to play with his friends.

Kadakia said, Kazaana is the target group is the children, we will do our best to help them develop a complete value ", but also the parents into children’s social circle, so called" family social networking platform". On this platform, children can express their personal views, can get in touch with new things, and do not worry about privacy and security issues.

for parents, they are most worried about the safety of children using the network, they are afraid of the child’s friends will share some unhealthy, unsafe content on the site. Kazaana said that at present their platform has passed a security certification, fully guarantee that the child does not have any security risks when playing on the Kazaana.

Kazaana is currently available to children and parents free of charge, the future of the profit model may be subscription fees, virtual items, sponsor links, etc..

: at home, the more successful the Saier number, King Rock.

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