As the 10 golden rules of the Wangzhuan master

one, have a clear goal. Do the network avoid large, what want to do, what results do not, in the end is left with nothing whatsoever. There must be a major direction, and then stick to it, not three days of fishing, two days, must have a dedicated spirit, all successful people have dedicated spirit, the success of Baidu can explain everything.

two, have enough interest. Interest is the best teacher, as long as the interest will be passionate about their careers, they can endure loneliness, stick to it. If you are not interested in it, just do it for the money, or give up earlier.

three, to have the quality of perseverance. Only to be successful, they must be able to endure the pain, endure loneliness, endure loneliness, endure temporarily does not succeed, only hold back to the light of day. Only sink the heart to carefully study, to lay a good foundation, afraid of no money to

four, the courage to show themselves, the power of cohesion, as long as there is popularity, you will succeed. The highest realm of Wangzhuan have been for you to make money is someone else.

five, to have the spirit of learning, and constantly improve their knowledge and ability, to have enough information, through continuous learning and promotion, to become a real master.

six, the biggest feature is the Wangzhuan can be replicated, by copying the profit model and skill, can let you walk a lot less detours.

seven, website promotion is the strongest way to write soft Wen, high quality soft Wen, even if only one, enough to make you successful, a classic soft enough to hold you red.

Eight, master

Wangzhuan not trained by self understanding, find out, accumulate experience through continuous exploration, and become the Wangzhuan master, away from the bluff Wangzhuan training class, so you can save a lot of unnecessary overhead, the money wisely.

nine, learn to learn skills from other people’s websites, even if a small site is also likely to let you burst of inspiration, self achievement.


is a most Wangzhuan based platform can be blog, forums, personal space or your own web site, I think the Internet should have a mix of their own website, even the blog also, can have a communication platform.

article stems from: absolute 168 venture reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

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