Dialogue Lyft co founder we focus on the establishment of the user community

recently very popular car sharing service Lyft provides a similar experience to the user between friends. I had a conversation with the company’s co-founder, John Zimmer, to discuss their services.


my understanding of Lyft is that their drivers are a group of people who love to chat. Of course, if you want to own a quiet sitting in the back of the phone, then you can play a normal taxi. I am a very like to chat with people, I found that Lyft drivers are very friendly, this is the reason why Lyft attracted me.

Zimmer told me that when they were looking for a driver, they would pick out those who were friendly and talkative. They hope that the passengers will be able to immediately like the driver for his service. Many passengers said they thought the driver was like a friend.

Lyft’s success cannot do without the word of mouth between users, when it comes to this point, Zimmer’s voice is full of happiness. Lytf grew from a small company with only 32 employees to a company with more than 200 drivers. As more and more people realize Lyft, they will need more drivers. Zimmer is not worried about this, he said, there are a lot of people take the initiative to get in touch with the company, hoping to become the company’s driver.

Competition between



I found that Lyft’s car rental experience is completely different from Uber. Uber is more serious than Lyft’s lively. Can not say what kind of experience is better, but there is a big difference between the two services.

Zimmer told me that it is interesting that many of the Lyft users are not like to go out before, because these people’s economy is not well-off, hoping to reduce the cost of going out and left. However, due to the convenience of users in the Lyft at the same time, but also provides a more favorable price, so they chose Lyft.

social services next level

when I was talking to Zimmer about the impact of technology on people’s social skills, he said:

Airbnb and Lyft services will set off a wave of social applications, because such services can make people participate in social activities, rather than hiding in the virtual network behind the social. Airbnb has made outstanding contributions in this regard."

pink moustache

Lyft pink little Hu Zicheng for this service logo, when I asked Zimmer about the origin of the logo, he said:

"our service was originally designed for women, and we wanted to provide a safe car rental service for women

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