River of the road two

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when I got a job in Xizhimen, looking for work in the rain is near, we two people riding a bike, she rode out its tongue to long side old dog tired look, it looks very fun.

we had no conditions to buy a notebook computer, ready to exchange, like QQ that each write a few words, actually wrote a large. Once her whim, I must give her kneeling washboard I refused, she knelt down and begged me to give her my knees, didn’t she get a washboard, waste keyboard, etc. after kneeling on my knees clearly printed with the words of F4.

later I took her back home, the first time to go home to see my parents, she told my dad didn’t see, and he drink liquor, drinking a cup of liquor directly fell in my sleep Tukang, zhangdeng.

I was so happy with a little sad with light rain live together. Although she is good to me, although we do not have any barriers, but I do not dare to imagine our future, I do not know how to go in the future, I do not know if one day she came back to say goodbye to me.

a sudden change of our relationship, let our hearts more closely together.

that is the autumn of 2002, the rain and I went back home to attend my sister’s wedding day, night, rain and stomach pain, pain to the bean big sweat beads have been going down. I was scared, riding a motorcycle he brought her to the county hospital, on the examination bed is light rain fell into a coma. The doctor began to rescue her. Her stomach was full of blood. It was a symptom of a ruptured corpus luteum. The doctor told me to prepare for the money, a lot of money Oh, I find I am anxious! Mill in the hospital courtyard, the home of relatives are hiding from my far away, but had never met two friends lent a helping hand, the early morning of the second day put the money to my card, from then I know, the virtual world than the real world true feelings sometimes many times.

money to raise, start surgery. I waited for four hours outside the operating room, and my sister told me to take a break. I didn’t dare to go. Time is so long, as if everything is frozen. When the door was opened in the operation room, light rain lying on the cart, looked up at me, called my husband, my tears flowing water, unable to control. Sister and a doctor to persuade me, light rain also have the strength to persuade me, but I was about to fall.

this disease further enhance our feelings, perhaps my true feelings moved to light rain, after discharge, we began planning marriage.

went to the Civil Affairs Bureau registration day, the staff said that the identity card is not a marriage certificate, the need to account for this. Light rain to call my father-in-law let the old man to account for this mail, until the next week, the account was finally sent to, we go to register again

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