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I also experienced such a stage. As Google Fans, which in 2004 before listing wrote "my Google" concept — by Google can be arranged the magical skill deeply impressed by the search results according to the quality…… After the listing has written "nameless fire to Gmail:" to be honest, to Google for the technical staff preferred gift Gmail account to test this technique of discrimination deeply disappointed.


us knowledge and information transparency is very high, the Americans through the web learning charging even understand news demand, practical information is often used. Take a look at where the discount, which guy invented a new cushion and the like, direct search text ads. Chinese Internet users have not been indirectly through the consumption of advertising or advertising habits. However, China’s search sites have done a number of imitation Google, can not help but say that the Google is a good word of mouth to cover up its tedious business model, and then to the Chinese search site also points a cup of soup.

may wish to experiment a bit of keyword advertising value. If you want to buy tea sets, and can not remember what the tea can be a vertical reference site, so the Google input " tea set " search, Google immediately show you the world tea information. Excellent! 123 in three sites and have tea, you immediately point to open the link to see professional website — how could you put the eye to the special right, to the point that the text ads about tea? When you find that is advertising information, must be early alert >

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