Every day the way to start a small interest Notes website financing

      Internet in the cool, is the history of risk investment opportunities in most places, many people dream suddenly get more than $N, overnight yangmingliwan, but it is precisely this point, the web entrepreneurs are in a "business" financing dilemma: is every head, think their business plans can change a lot of money; on the other hand is even eating has become a problem, full of twists and turns and hardships of great plan and noble ambition.

        no 123, how to talk about 456?

        you should change a play, put aside the investment risk, remember the principle: big help support the strong not weak! This is all the unspoken rule of risk investment, actually the beginning, you don’t need millions, tens of millions of dollars, but only tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of enough, when you can quickly do millions of websites have great influence or when you are under a risk investment can get lucky attention.

        according to the benefit of multi analysis, the following ways to help quickly get the first round of micro finance, and one hundred percent of the shares, no one shares with you to grab:      

        a small, unsecured or counter guarantee bank loans: for example Chinese Agricultural Bank has started in a large number of similar business, as long as you have enough conditions to find a guarantor, lending a 20 thousand to 50 thousand easily. If you do not have the conditions, you can try to obtain the laid-off card, to participate in re employment training, etc., turn to get a loan.

        two, college students and overseas students entrepreneurship funding: in many cities have similar to tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of funds, you can find your city on the Internet related policies.

        two, the government funded science and technology: each county, District, development zone is responsible for the approval of bureau of science and technology, science and technology projects and provide free financing, loan discount, Internet project belongs to the high-tech field, you start to go through a company registered. If you can consider the cost of capital shortage for high-tech enterprises, with technology projects instead of the registered capital, the specific circumstances can go to the nearest science and technology bureau.

        three, apply for YBC and other business plan: when you do not have the above conditions, you can apply for YBC and other funds, can not get the money to see your luck.


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